lost finale rescheduled again / super 8 teaser leaked / today

Um.. a little earlier this week, ABC announced that the Lost series finale set for Sunday May 23rd would be extended by another 30 minutes. Wow. Now the line-up is the two-hour Lost: The Final Journey recap special from 7-9PM ET, followed the finale from 9PM to 11:30PM. And after the local news, the Jimmy Kimmel Live: Aloha To Lost special will begin at 12:05AM ET. Due to that time change, ABC has issued a new press release for the special. This special is set to include the first and only collective interview with the cast of the show, and will also feature three exclusive alternate endings. Coool. 🙂

Unless you’re living under a rock (or an.. island), you know that Iron Man 2 was released into theaters today (well, Friday). And a particularly interesting trailer was attached to the start of the film, one for the next mysterious movie project from J.J. Abrams — Super 8. The trailer has already made its way to YouTube, and some viral marketing has already been uncovered within the trailer itself. Pretty cool stuff.. I looooved Cloverfield (own two DVD copies and the Blu-ray). But since this one appears to be focused on extraterrestrials (and produced by no other than Steven Spielberg), I’m looking forward to it even more. Cannot wait.. for Summer 2011.. :/

I awoke in the morning and got online. And then I soon watched Glee (lol, nice episode), Parenthood (eh it’s alright) and 10 Things I Hate About You (lol). My dad returned home from dialysis not long after that. We watched some Ellen, then I.. got online again. And soon, my dad wasn’t feeling well again and had to go to bed.

I took over the TV and watched the first four episodes of X-Men Volume 2 (still improving, nice.. it’s also pretty nice seeing the familiar Saban names in the closing credits, including Ron Wasserman 🙂 ) before getting the PS3 online and checking out PlayStation Home (finally finished the ModNation challenge thing thanks to no more freezing, then checked out the new stuff in Sodium.. haha @ the new hologram message about VICKIE being there to service our “needs” >_> ..the Vetoxade is pretty handy 🙂 ).

I stayed on Home until almost 7:30PM. My dad woke briefly to make one thing for supper, then went to bed again. And he soon woke up and made something else. :/ I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Smallville (wow, very good episode next week.. and I’m hearing next week’s season finale will be epic, cannot wait 🙂 ), Primetime: What Would You Do? (a newsmagazine show disguised as a hidden camera show, heh.. we watched this before.. so here we are again) and The Soup (lol.. New York looks rather familiar.. and that Lost & V comparison clip was funny).

And that was pretty much it. See ya.


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