cw summer rerun test / today

The CW is doing a bit of an odd scheduling choice for their reruns this summer. Supernatural will begin airing reruns right after Smallville on Friday night beginning May 28th. And then reruns of the short-lived CBS drama Moonlight will follow The Vampire Diaries beginning June 3rd. I’m guessing Vampire Diaries has done well in the ratings, so they’re testing to see if another vampire series could do well after it. And perhaps to see what ratings the classic pairing of Smallville and Supernatural could still bring as well. Interesting..

I awoke in the morning, got online.. and eventually had some breakfast. And then I got online s’more. :p As it neared the afternoon, my dad and I finally headed out to another grocery store.. and we bought things (so tired my dad preferring to buy the fake and cheaper cheese). We returned home and I immediately watched the last four episodes of X-Men Volume 1 (I’m enjoying this show more everyday.. especially now that I’m nearing episodes I’ve never even seen before.. ever.. Vol 2 begins tomorrow *drools a bit over Phoenix’s shapely form on the cover at* >_> ..and if I continue enjoying it, no breaks all the way to the end of Vol 5 🙂 ).

And then, instead of a Home visit, I chose to empty the PS3 a bit and watch Chuck (good episode, unexpected ending to the C-plot, hmm), Legend of the Seeker (not bad) and CSI NY (was ready to passively watch this.. until it ended up being more than a basic episode.. this was last week’s episode btw). And then my dad awoke from his nap and I got online to news-gather. We eventually had some supper.

In primetime, we watched Community (lol okay, I admit it.. this is most likely my favorite episode so far), Parks & Recreation (lol), The Office (lol), 30 Rock (lol :p) and The Marriage Ref (lol). But not long after that.. I fell asleep.. all night. :/

Well.. see ya.

[ Times Square Bomber Linked With CIA-Controlled Terror Group ]
[ Times Square Bomb Evidence Mounts Of Pakistan-Taliban Link ]
[ Times Square Car Bomber A ‘Loner’ Say Feds ]
[ Was Times Square ‘Bomber’ Framed? ]
[ Times Square Bomber – Portrait Of A Patsy ]
[ US Tightens No-Fly Controls After NY Bomb Event ]
[ Big Brother Now Watching Times Square ]
[ BP’s Slimy Trail Of Scandals, Spills ]
[ Rig Owner Sets Aside $200M For Disaster ]
[ Rig Owner Dropped Bonuses Over Safety Concerns ]
[ NOAA Projections Show Oil Nearing Louisiana ][ No Fed Bailouts For Fishermen – Only ‘Loans’ ]
[ Attention Shoppers – Gulf Spill Could Affect You ]
[ Federal Reserve Demands To Keep Its TOP SECRET STATUS ]
[ Video: Thirty Little Known Facts About The USA ]
[ AZ Hero Sheriff – Resist Marxist Takedown Of The US ]
[ Video: PA Dept Of Revenue Threat ‘We Know Who You Are’ ][ Students Kicked Out Of HS For American Flag Shirts ]
[ Ahmadinejad – ‘Osama bin Laden Is Living In Washington DC’ ]
[ FDIC – Hackers Took More Than $120M In 3 Months ]
[ Asia Fluoride Levels To Be Halved ]
[ Trained Monkeys Aid Maimed US Soldiers ]


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