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I awoke and got online, then we soon had some breakfast and watched some morning TV. But eventually, it was once again time to get ready and head out to media buy…

First, I headed to WalMart. With the prices for this week’s DVDs underwhelming, I thought I would check this store out. But when I got there (after 10AM), one of the employees was still putting DVDs up on the shelf. After what seemed like forever in waiting, I finally asked and he appeared to not have any record of X-Men or Iron Man: Armored Adventures. Ugh. I bought nothing and moved on to Best Buy, where I ended up buying X-Men. I’ve been looking to pick up Close Encounters of the Third Kind on Blu for a while, but the two copies I previously saw there had twindled to one.. and it had a small scratch in the packaging.. so I put it back on the shelf. 😦

The in-store price for X-Men was $19.99, but I easily price-matched from Best Buy’s own website down to $17.99.. I got an icee (mm), then headed to Target because I still couldn’t find Iron Man. Of course it wasn’t here either. Damnit. And my dad refused to take me anywhere else, so we headed home.

We watched some Ellen (well, mainly he did), then I watched four more episodes of X-Men: Vol 1 (haha’s @ Xavier’s floating head in an episode here.. “And may the power protect you.” :p ..good episodes).. soon followed by Fringe (uggggghhh.. starting to get a headache..) and two episodes of Gravity (not bad.. just couldn’t wait to see the second episode :p).

I ordered a pizza for supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched House (haha, not bad), Lost (whoa, very intense episode this week) and V (wow @ that ending.. also a very good episode this week). And.. that was pretty much it..

See ya.

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