10 things i hate about abc family / scrubs final season dvd / red dead moved / today

ABC Family has once again canceled one of its better shows (Kyle XY, Middleman). I guess they just don’t want me watching their network. *shrug* Creator Carter Covington has announced that 10 Things I Hate About You has not been picked up for another season. Sucks.. Bastards. 😡

Via Amazon.com pre-order, Scrubs: The Complete Ninth And Final Season has been announced for DVD release on September 29th. There is also a Complete Collection DVD set.. but no Blu-rays in sight..

FOX has quietly moved the Red Dead Redemption half-hour animated film from Saturday May 15th to Saturday May 29th at Midnight ET. Ugh. Now it’s after the video game’s release date. 😦

20th Century Fox will unleash the horror that is the spoof “comedy” movie The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall And Felt Superbad About It onto DVD on June 8th. No doubt I’ve just enjoyed the movie’s title more than I will the movie.. if I’ll even see it at all. :p

I awoke in the morning and got online, then watched Glee (good episode I guess), Chuck (haha, very good episode) and Parenthood (yup, finally getting around to these.. after watching two episodes and then letting the rest pile up on my now-full PS3 due to the problems yesterday.. ugh.. alright episode though). My dad returned home from dialysis and we watched some morning TV.. and then I got online for a bit.

In the afternoon, I watched the four remaining episodes of Veronica Mars: Season 3 (disc four, that I should have watched yesterday instead of disc five.. wouldn’t have gotten about halfway through the disc before realizing it yesterday if the recaps weren’t cut from the episodes.. good episodes here, of course.. didn’t particularly care for the Season 4 presentation though, that I hadn’t even seen until now :p ..I still haven’t been able to track down the season 3 remixed version of this theme song 😦 ).. and then checked out PlayStation Home (a few minor one-second freezes.. but otherwise, it worked okay.. *shakes fist @ difficult ModNation Racers minigame*).

But before I returned to my room, the living room DVR had been deactivated or something. My dad had to call them to get it turned back on. The guy who was out here on Wednesday forgot to take down the serial number so that our service wouldn’t be shut off. :/ Took about a half-hour to straighten that out, so my dad missed his news.. I got online to news-gather, then we eventually had some supper.

In primetime, we watched Smallville (good episode, wow.. this season finale must be something else, can’t wait), Medium (ha, some episode this week), The Soup (lol) and Romantically Challenged (lol, not that bad of a show.. basic sitcom). And.. see ya. *runs*

[ 9-11 Coordinated By Cheney Says Wayne Madsen ]
[ Did Osama Confess To 9-11? And Did He Die In 2001? ]
[ Our Leaders Broke International Laws, Committed War Crimes ]
[ Halliburton Likely Caused Oil Disaster ]
[ Catastrophic Oil Spill Possibly World’s Worst ]
[ Obama Bars US Forces From Firing On Iran Military ]
[ US Opens Criminal Probe Of Goldman Sachs ]
[ Petras – Rising And Declining Economic Powers ]
[ Bernanke Admits Printing $1.3 Trillion From Thin Air ]
[ Teenage Mutant Ninja Birth Certificates – Eisenhower Wasn’t Born In US ]
[ Dems Slip National ID Into Immigration Bill ]
[ Fact Sheet On New Arizona Immigration Law ]
[ AZ Deputy Shot In Stomach By Suspected Illegal ]
[ ‘Black Box’ Coming To All US Cars, Trucks (total control) ]
[ Waxman Sneaks Anti-Vitamin Bill Into Fin Reform Act ]
[ Oz Children, Babies Bad Seasonal Flu Vaccine Reactions ]
[ Seasonal Flu Vaccine Reactions Spread To New Zealand ]
[ Makow – ‘The Strange Death Of Adolf Hitler’ ]
[ Girl, 14, Brainwashed Into Sex With Dad – CPS Failed To Save Her ]


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