today.. UGH

I awoke in the morning, got online.. then had some breakfast and watched some morning TV. Blah blah blah. I snuck my PS3 online and got onto PlayStation Home. And that’s where everything went wrong. My PS3 refused to stay connected to the PlayStation Network while I was idling in Home. I’d have to reboot the entire PS3 just to get my connection back. Once the usual morning TV was over, I took over and got on PlayStation Home. Of course I had to reboot again to get my PSN connection back first. And then maybe about twenty minutes in, it disconnected again. And then I rebooted.. and it disconnected while loading Home. Rinse and repeat.

I gave up on that for a while and moved on to four more episodes of Veronica Mars: Season 3 (good episodes). But due to all the PS3-related stress, I had put in the wrong disc and was watching the episodes I had planned to watch — the final episodes. And since I was about halfway through before I even realized, I just watched them the rest of the way through.

And then I rebooted and attempted to return to PlayStation Home. Now it wouldn’t get past the very first loading bar at all. So I finally decided to delete Home.. but in the end, I couldn’t. Something went wrong with the deletion. So now I have 2GB of “corrupted data” that I cannot delete. Just awesome. And of course after that, I had to empty my PS3 to make room for the new 3GB PlayStation Home install. Ugggghhh. But once that was out of the way, everything appeared to be going better.. well, until my PlayStation Network connection was lost again. It was 7PM by then so I just said “screw it” and shut everything off for the day.

I admit that I’ve had to turn off the PS3 the incorrect way (the switch on the back) more than a few times, but every time was due to PlayStation Home freezing up and offering no other way to reboot. As I mentioned on my twitter, the modem appeared to be working normally according to the lights on the front of it even though I have been having problems with it too lately. *sigh*

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Community (haha, got a kick out of the childish fighting :p), Parks & Recreation (lol), The Office (lol, especially the ending), 30 Rock (haha) and The Marriage Ref (lol.. Lord of the Rings.. must resist.. watching those movies again.. until the Blu-ray extended trilogy is released so they’ll be more “new” to me :p). And.. you know the rest.

*sigh* See ya.

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