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Warner Bros has officially announced the 1-disc DVD, 2-disc Special Edition DVD and Special Edition Blu-ray versions of their next DC Universe Animated Movie Batman: Under The Red Hood for release on July 27th. Like past movie releases, expect this one to feature two episodes of Batman: The Animated Series (and two more if you go for the Blu-ray) as well as some interesting featurettes. I really liked the short they did for the last one, so I’m now looking forward to the short on this disc: Jonah Hex. And the movie itself looks rather good too. Looking forward to picking this one up on release date. 🙂 ..On the opposite side of the spectrum, here’s some bad news about these movies. Sequels to Green Lantern: First Flight and Wonder Woman were canned due to low sales, as well as movies for Batgirl and Aquaman. Ugh. 😦

4Kids wants more anime on its TheCW4Kids Saturday morning block, recently shown by picking up Dragon Ball Z Kai. But now I think they may be going a bit too far. In the fall, the block will be tentatively rebranded “Toonzai”. *blinks* …

I awoke early in the morning to my dad heading off to dialysis. I got online and finished up the previous entry. And then I had to run into the living room and save my DVR this time. Yup, the cat threw up on it too. I quickly got the stuff away from the vent holes and unplugged it. Yes, it was hissing. I then cleaned the crap off and waited a bit for whatever got inside it to dry up. I replugged it, it hissed only a second longer.. and then it appeared to be okay.. so far. He’s been throwing up for a while, but definitely not as much as that day a few days ago. But now his constipation’s gone (as far as I know).. and he just happens to throw up in the same damn spot.. after not doing so at all for so long (years.. until ruining the living room DVR). Ugh. 😦

After I was done online, I got the PS3 online and checked out PlayStation Home for a bit (of course). And I fell asleep momentarily. I awoke and soon watched two more episodes of Veronica Mars: Season 3 (nice) before my dad returned home from dialysis. The DVR experienced some digital fuzziness of the picture on a couple channels, but that went away.. as did the problem with the remotes not working. We watched some Ellen (blah), then it was time for the cable man to show up.

He came in and simply took our box out to his van or whatever. I told my dad not to omit the reason the thing was busted. They’ll open it up and know right away. So they put one in my room.. but they couldn’t get it to work for some reason. He then replaced that one and got it working.. then quickly took off. Of course there was all that waiting for that first one to work where my dad endlessly commented about how junk-filled my room was. Ugh.

Not long after that was over, I took over the TV again and watched two more episodes of Veronica Mars: Season 3 (need to fill my quota for the day, after all :p) before returning to PlayStation Home. And then I tried that mission I’m still finding a bit difficult in Grand Theft Auto: The Lost And Damned.. and fell asleep for a bit. I awoke and returned to PlayStation Home briefly, then my dad awoke and we had some supper. I got online to news-gather.

In primetime.. once my dad realized the remote control defects were not going away with DVR2 (well, on and off).. he finally agreed with me on moving this one back into my room. And so I switched them. :p ..We soon watched The Middle (lol), Modern Family (lol), Cougar Town (lol) and Happy Town (I liked it.. plus Amy Acker being in it helped :p ..crazy ending). And that was it.

See ya.

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