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Pre-ordering ModNation Racers on PlayStation3 just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. 🙂 First, they mentioned the three store-exclusive pre-order bonus kits — Ratchet & Clank (pre-ordered @ Amazon), Kratos or Nathan Drake. And then there was the one of four additional bonus kits all pre-orders were going to get (oh man, I wants that golf cart!). And now all copies in the first shipment (with sticker saying so), both pre-orders and on store shelves, will include the infamous Sackboy with a cardboard cart. lol. At first, I only pre-ordered it because the Amazon Prime free trial was about up and I wanted to lock in free shipping. I wasn’t sure if I was actually going to get it for not. But after stacking on all these pre-order bonuses, it’s getting more and more difficult to resist. :p

Disney Channel has announced that Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam will make its world premiere on.. Friday September 3rd at 9PM ET. Why announce this so early? Because the soundtrack is being released over a month before on July 27th.. the same day as the tour begins! ..Oh, and before that there’s the “premium” iPhone app on May 11th. lol.. Yeah, I liked the first movie, so I’ll probably check this one out too. May eventually get it on disc too. *shrug* :p

I awoke in the morning and got online to finish up the previous entry. That took a while. I pretty much stayed online all morning while my dad watched his morning TV.. and slept. Blah.. We eventually made a visit to the grocery store where I spent the rest of my money for the month. But upon arriving home, I took over and got onto PlayStation Home (LocoIsland) before watching four more episodes of Veronica Mars: Season 3 (good show, definitely). I then found myself with a little extra time.. so I also watched Rules of Engagement (haha.. oh look, it’s Gibby with a PSPgo, neat) and 10 Things I Hate About You (hahaha, good episode).

It was getting near 6PM by this point, so I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, there wasn’t all that much on. And so I wound up watching The Fourth Kind on Blu-ray. After purchasing, I read the bad reviews and they prepared me for what I saw. It wasn’t bad overall. The “real” vs actors scenes was a bit annoying.. as was the “real” segments of the movie that aren’t real at all. They really should have went with one side and stuck with it. With the first previews, I was expecting an alien version of Paranormal Activity or something.. and it was partly that. The unrealistic reactions to hypnosis were also kind of odd. But I did like the real UFO sighting reports over the closing credits (Art Bell’s voice is heard a few times, heh).

Since Paranormal Activity 2 is opening on Halloween this year.. where’s Area 51 releasing? I’d be more likely to see that one in theater than the former.. After the movie was over (and watching the 23 minutes of deleted & extended scenes), I then watched the night’s new episode of V (pretty good episode this week 🙂 ). And that.. was about it..

See ya.

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