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A bit late with this news, but oh well.. Power Rangers Time Force‘s Erin Cahill has joined the cast of the web series L.A. I.C.E.. Click here to view here first episode on YouTube.

Dragon Ball Z Kai has now found a network home.. well, another one? TheCW4Kids will begin airing the series with “sneak peek” episodes during the summer, then will be added to the Saturday morning line-up more permanently in the fall.. Nicktoons will still premiere the series in May. 🙂

I awoke to my dad leaving fro dialysis, then I got online for a bit. After that, I watched Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job (lame show, yet they stuff appearances by three guest celebs in one episode.. crazy) and Victorious (lol, good episode).. and then I fell asleep soon after.. I awoke a few hours later, and since my bedroom DVR was now the living room DVR, I took the this time to watch two episodes of Supernatural (good episodes, especially the heaven.. still two more to go :p) and last week’s Bones (also a good episode, hehe).

My dad returned home from dialysis and we watched some of the usual morning TV (so sick of Ellen‘s pointless child guests.. the pole dance was quite nice though :p). My dad also called the cable company and scheduled for them to come out on Wednesday to replace our main DVR. It really needed to be replaced anyway. It was very worn out (by me) over the years and I didn’t want to replace it because of all the stuff I had saved on it over that time. But oh well. :/

My dad got weak again and had to go bed. I got online for a bit, then checked out PlayStation Home for a bit (LocoIsland chores, pretty much) before watching the first four episodes of Veronica Mars: Season 3 (I was so torn on what to watch next, I have a lot of season DVDs to watch.. I was trying to stretch the re-viewing of these for the first time on DVD while waiting for the movie.. but I guess that’s probably not happening 😦 ..very good episodes though). During this, my dad awoke and went out and came back from two different places looking for medicine for our cat. We tried to administer it.. but it’s pretty difficult to hold down a cat and put a bunch of drops in his ear. :/

I got online to news-gather, then we eventually had some supper.. In primetime, I mainly watched House (good episode.. mm Sarah Wayne Callies), Gossip Girl (not bad.. Jenny: “Chuck’s harmless.” Yeah, he only tried to rape you in the pilot episode.. totally harmless.. :p ) and The Mentalist (heh, a bit different episode than usual.. nice).

Our cat hadn’t gone number two for days. But he finally did today.. and it came out all hairy. He had been constipated. He’s acted a lot better today than he had been. Oh, and the cable people are coming here on Wednesday. I hope my dad brings up the cable modem problems.. but he probably won’t. A cable guy in the past had said that a cable had to be replaced on the pole or something.. but that never happened. That night that all our cable was out for about an hour recently.. it had been windy that night. Ugh. :/

See ya.

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