Sunday 04.25.2010 — sickness

I awoke early in the morning and got online to finish up the previous entry.. And then I watched Big Time Rush (I hate brussels, lol), 7 Secrets: Miranda Cosgrove (eh, got bored and deleted it..), Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (fell asleep during this.. so I guess I’ll have to watch it again later..), Doctor Who (very good episode.. ack @ cliffhanger though :p) and the last two first season episodes of Life Unexpected (don’t why it took so long for me to get to these.. great episodes, cannot wait for the Blu-ray in the fall and Season 2.. ya hear me, CW? :p).

I then got online a bit early, before my dad’s NASCAR race was set to begin. And I pretty much stayed online all afternoon, mainly watching History of Power Rangers (the intro and all four segments / seasons thus far). Pretty neat, though the Weird Al like voiced narrator does grate a bit IMO. No offense though. :p

My cat was getting more ill than usual today. He had been throwing up his food periodically after going outside those two weeks quite a while ago. But today, he’s been throwing it up almost right after eating it. He’s also been scratching his ears pretty badly, sometimes groaning during. One has gotten red with blood and sometimes clicks when he shakes his head. And late this afternoon, while I was still in my room online.. the cat ate some more food and then jumped on top of the TV. And right away, he threw up on the cable box.. and the cable went out. The TV screen went snowy and the box began hissing as it cooked his vomit. My dad tried cleaning it up right away and almost got shocked. I then pulled out the electric cord and eventually swapped the DVR with the one from my bedroom.

And soon after that, my cat was still trying to hack something up. But it looked like there was nothing else to get up. I wish we could afford a vet, now or ever in the future. *sigh* 😦 ..My dad called his sister, who has many cats (including our cat’s brother). She said it might be because he’s stopped up with hairballs and so my dad fed him some food with oil instead of the hard stuff he usually eats the most of.. Wish us luck. 😦

We eventually had some supper, and watched Til Death (lol.. Richard Kind and his gay brother and the guy who voices Patrick on Spongebob as his boyfriend.. wow), Funniest Videos (second half.. bleh, it’s not cutest videos, damnit!), Minute To Win It (eh, it’s okay..), Desperate Housewives (particularly good episode this week 🙂 ), Simpsons (the chalkboard says “South Park– We’d Stand Beside You If We Weren’t So Scared.” ..haha….. US TV people are all pussies.. nice episode though) and American Dad (lol, the werewolf bit was priceless).

The cat was able to keep down the more oily foods we gave him and he cautiously ate it parts at a time. Then he mainly sulked around the rest of the night. *sigh* ..See ya.

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