Saturday 04.24.2010 — addicted

I awoke in the morning.. and got online to finish up the previous entry, of course.. But I soon took over the TV and watched The Soup (lol), Degrassi TNG (nice episode), The Ricky Gervais Show (lol) and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (very good episode.. can’t wait for Part 2 & 3 next week.. though I admit a few moments of animation were somewhat cringeworthy.. mostly hall walking though). I forgot to DVR the new episode of The Troop, and unlike Nickelodeon in every way, they aren’t airing the episode again in the next two weeks. Grrrrr. 😡

I got online for a bit and waited for my dad to return from an errand.. and then we watched my next Netflix selection — The Blind Side. Very good movie. We both like it very much Perhaps I’ll buy it on Blu someday.. Netflix is starting to release more and more new titles a month after their retail disc releases. This one just came out there on Tuesday, now I’m hoping to get next Tuesday’s release of Sherlock Holmes. Wish me luck. :p

After that movie, I.. didn’t really know what to watch. I have quite a few unwatched Blu-rays piling up, but most of them are of movies I had already seen. And now I’m getting picky on Avatar and would like to watch it during an evening in order to avoid the usual glare on the TV screen (I hate you, sun!). And so I ended up watching Minority Report. I’ve seen it and own it on DVD.. but it’s been a while, so.. yeah. The movie looks great on Blu-ray. I liked it, but my dad lost track of what was going on or whatever and gave up. Anymore, he only wants to watch the more realistic movies and complains when stuff appears on screen that can’t be real in our world now. It’s pretty annoying.. since I like sci-fi so much..

I got online for a while, doing research on finally getting an HDMI cable. I’ve been watch Blu-rays for over a year now without experiencing them properly. It’s about time I get around to that. We had some supper, then I made my way to the bedroom DVR.. and actually managed to watch four episodes of Gossip Girl over the course of the night (very good episodes.. and now I’m all caught up.. for now..). And that was pretty much it.

I’ve been happier lately after getting rid of the leg problems.. for now. I was quite screwed up. My legs got infected. These eggs hatched or something within an open wound and these small white worms began crawling all over my foot.. and underneath the skin. That was pretty screwed up. I got that cleaned up and that was behind me, but then there was the pain on the bottom of my feet. I stayed sitting in a chair in my living room all day without walking at all. I’d wait until my dad would go to bed before I struggled into my room and did my usual online stuff. But it got particularly bad when I left blood marks on the carpet from my blistered heel. My dad wasn’t able to get them up, but most of them have since faded away due to foot traffic.. And the true reason why I didn’t want to go to the hospital.. was because I didn’t want to get behind on my media buying. Well, it was partly that and a few other things. But then I couldn’t even get my shoes on and I started buying on Amazon instead. But then there was a lull in new releases.. and I.. finally gave in, I guess.. Or I just couldn’t take it all anymore.

I still remember the very first time I bought.. media. My dad left for work and I stayed home from school without him knowing. And then I walked all the way down to the local grocery store and bought Independence Day on VHS, I believe on release date. I had seen in the theater and liked it, so I wanted to own it. I saw the ads for the releases in the store on a previous visit with my dad. I think I even still have it around here somewhere. The lenticular card wrapped over the front cover is still hanging on my bedroom wall to this day. Heh. I also have the “Five Star” DVD edition. But the current Blu-ray is barebones, so I’m waiting for a better release than that…

See ya.


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