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After finishing up the previous entry late last night, I watched the night’s new episodes of South Park (lol, great conclusion.. all the censoring became annoying, but then by the end I understood the reason for it.. lol) and Ugly Americans (haha, the Twilight vampire :p ). But I fell asleep like halfway through the latter show.. I awoke the next morning and watched the rest, then got online for a bit.

I then got the PS3 online and checked out the new stuff in PlayStation Home for a bit (must.. resist.. buying.. can’t afford it.. :p ), then my dad woke up and we watched some of the usual morning TV. We also had some breakfast. But soon, it was time to head out and media buy again…

First, I headed to Target.. and bought nothing. With the talk that some Blu-rays are in those retarded eco cases, I really wanted to make sure I got a regular case for a movie as huge as this. But Target had put all the Blu=rays in those damn plastic security cases. Grr.. So I moved to Best Buy and bought Avatar there with a price-match. They had them in at least four or five different locations. Plenty of copies. I felt up the cases like some Blu-ray perv and found one that felt like a regular case, then bought it. They also had some neat lenticular cards at the register for free. I took more than one. >_>

We soon returned home and we watched Ellen (too many reality losers on this show nowadays), followed by some “news”. The news report where the cops just tasered (and arrested) this robber in Plainfield while he was sitting on his front porch just looked so wrong. The cops claimed he resisted arrest. Yeah, right. -_- ..I took over the TV and checked out PlayStation Home, then I watched two episodes of Medium (took forever to get caught up on this one.. but it’s finally done.. and I thought I would do it by watching a rather neat two-parter all together :p ).. and then returned to PlayStation Home (though this time I visited the new glitching-encouraged space in Japan.. pretty cool 🙂 ).

We had some supper, then I online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Community (I don’t like episodes that are plotted like this.. :/ ), 30 Rock (wait, what? so early? heh), The Office (lol, good episode), 30 Rock (yes, another new one.. blah) and The Marriage Ref (also approaching blah with this one lately.. I passed on half the episode and got online for a bit). And that was about it.. again..

See ya.

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