cn upfront 2010-2011 / red dead redemption fox special / today

Cartoon Network has announced many interesting new projects heading to its network during its upfront presentation. The Looney Tunes Show sounds interesting, as does MAD (sketch cartoon comedy based on the magazine) and Young Justice (it features Artemis, Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian and Aqualad.. and The Spectacular Spider-Man‘s Greg Weisman is producing it 🙂 ). And of course there’s the live action series Tower Prep (created and executive produced by Paul Dini) and Unnatural History. Run It Back Sunday, in which TNT’s NBA game of the week is edited down to an hour with special effects, sounds rather stupid though. :/ ..Unnatural History begins June 13th, but no date for Tower Prep yet. 😦

Rockstar Games takes open world gaming to the old west in Red Dead Redemption. But before the game hits a PlayStation3 near you on May 18th, a Red Dead Redemption half-hour animated short film is set to air on FOX on Saturday May 15th at Midnight ET. Sounds interesting.. But ever since I began playing the Grand Theft Auto games on PS2, I’ve dreamed of an open world game taking place in a sci-fi futuristic city.. but all we’ve mainly been getting is either the present or past in these things. inFamous came close though. I should get back to that one sometime… What were we talking about again?

I awoke in the morning and.. got online to finish up the previous entry. Argh.. We soon watched some morning TV, then.. I got online again.. for pretty much the whole morning. We had lunch.. and then I returned online. My dad had taken over the TV by know and found a baseball game to watch.. and was complaining about everything.. so I had to get away from that. For some reason, my dad told these evaluation people that I pay rent every month when I technically don’t.. and they’re cutting that much money out of his monthly check. Ugh. And so he barely has enough to pay rent next month… and nothing else. He’s trying to protest the change and has his social worker or whatever 3 times and she hasn’t called him back. Stupid crap. 😦

My dad took off to the grocery store and got rid of the rest of his food stamps for the month.. I took over the TV and got onto PlayStation Home for a bit before returning to GTA The Lost And Damned (that crossover mission is a bit tough for me.. so I’m avoiding it by stealing awesome vehicles and putting them in all the parking spaces across the city :p ..yup, the main game save spaces are available on this disc too, yay). Eventually, we had supper and then I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, we watched New Adventures of Old Christine (lol), Accidentally On Purpose (haha.. well, that’s over.. unless they opt to return it), Romantically Challenged (one out, another in.. this one wasn’t that bad), House (haha, good episode) and Castle (yes, ditto.. ha @ absolutely having to dress like that to play poker :p).

Another day, another.. day.. yes. See ya.

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[ Toxic Chemicals Causing Male Fish To Carry Eggs ]
[ Cops Don’t Bother ‘4/20’ Pot Protesters Lighting Up ]


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