abc kids ending? / media 1 / today

Litton Entertainment has been hired by ABC to produce six new educational series to replace their current ABC Kids Saturday morning line-up on September 2011. What’s this mean for Power Rangers? It’ll probably be gone too. This sucks. 😦

I awoke in the morning and got online, then we had some breakfast and watched some morning TV. But eventually, we headed out to media buy…

First, I headed to WalMart.. the grocery store.. and picked up some soda.. then went to Kroger for a few more groceries. And then I finally went to Best Buy and picked up The Lovely Bones and Minority Report on Blu-ray. Great movies, particularly the first. 🙂 I checked out FYE in the mall as well.. and got nothing.. And once again, I didn’t get an icee. I can’t believe that their machine’s been broken or something for this long. 😦

And then my dad wanted to go to Target for something, so I went in too.. for nothing.. We returned home and soon watched Ellen (well, the DVR played it anyway while I was online and my dad was doing something else too :p), and then I watched four more episodes of Party Down: Season 1 (Season 1 complete.. don’t really know if I want to watch the two Season 2 episodes though.. it would mean a bit of a long gap between watching them and the rest of Season 2 :/ ).

Once that was done, I got the PS3 online and checked out PlayStation Home (LocoIsland chores, then.. *yawn*). Then I moved on to GTA The Lost And Damed.. for many, many hours. My dad left for the funeral at about this time.. so I stayed on the game from like 3PM.. to 8PM. Ack. :p And then I watched 10 Things I Hate About You (haha) and United States of Tara (neat) before my dad finally arrived home. Then mainly I watched Lost (very good episode 🙂 ) and V (good one here too).

And.. that was pretty much it? See ya.


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