I awoke and got online, then soon watched Simpsons (lol), American Dad (lol) and two episodes of CSI (I passively watch this show anymore.. while doing something else :p ..but the latter episode was interesting). Then I got online again and my dad eventually returned home from dialysis. We watched some of the usual morning TV, then I immediately followed that with the first six episodes of Party Down: Season 1 (I planned on only doing four, but my dad was enjoying them as well.. so.. very good show, so funny, cannot wait for Season 2.. six more for tomorrow, I guess.. including the first two of Season 2 on a WalMart bonus disc 🙂 ).

After all those episodes, it had already reached 4PM. Ack. I got the PS3 online and briefly checked out PlayStation Home in order to do my LocoIsland chores, then played some more GTA The Lost And Damned (mainly driving around.. and doing the helitours in hopes of unlocking the basic game’s trophy.. no luck there, it seems :p ). We had some supper and I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, we watched How I Met Your Mother (lol, good episode.. nice ending), Rules of Engagement (lol, I guess), last night’s Desperate Housewives (good episode) and CSI Miami (again, passively watching.. the ghost plot had me a little interested though.. and I was a bit surprised when they didn’t completely explain it away like these shows usually do with the out-of-the-ordinary stuff). And then I returned to my room for the night.

And so that was about it– Oh wait. No it wasn’t. I was in the middle of browsing websites slightly before midnight when the cable completely went out. No TV, no internet. Black screens. I went into the living room and my dad tried to call the cable company, but he failed miserably at their automated menu system. He finally got in touch with a human being.. but they were unable to find our account by name or account number. Idiots. And just about when we were going to give up for the night, my dad switched the TV on and off.. and the cable was back again.

Okay, so THAT was pretty much it. Bye.

[ Establishment Exploits OKC Bombing Victims To Push ‘Extremist Threat’ Propaganda ]
[ Al-Qaeda Chief In Iraq: Captured, Killed, Never Actually Existed, Re-Captured, Now Killed Again ]


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