Sunday 04.18.2010 — LETS BE FRIENDS! *runs* :|

I stayed up late watching SNL, then I got online to find that my modem was again screwing up. It once again began taking forever to load websites.. at about the same time it did last night: after 1AM. Ugh. 😦 I eventually fell asleep.. then awoke in the morning. After some time online.. and looking through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday.. I watched iCarly (bloopers, lol.. but seriously, I’ve seen better blooper reels.. probably had to choose the more tame stuff or something :p ..liked the jokey surrounding plot though), Big Time Rush (lol), Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (good episode.. the big event of this episode didn’t have as much dramatic weight to it as last time though 😦 ), Doctor Who (wow, good episode… Matt Smith’s face reminds me of that movie Mask.. and I don’t think I’ve ever even seen it before :p) and The Ricky Gervais Show (lol).

After that, I gave the TV over to my dad for his NASCAR race.. that ended up not happening anyway. I got online for a bit, then watched an episode of Supernatural (the Valentine episode.. had a difficult time paying attention though.. once I got to cleaning up my room a bit again.. don’t know what’s gotten into me lately, actually throwing things away :p ..oh, what I saw of the episode was good). I got online again for a while to cool down from all that work.. then we eventually (finally) got to go to the grocery store. The main thing I noticed was that Dewmocracy 2010 had begun. Cooool. So I bought six overpriced 20oz, two of each flavor.. for $1.59 each. Ack. Didn’t know until I was checking out. 😦

The three flavors are.. mostly unoriginal, bringing out flavors that are already within regular Dew. Mtn Dew White Out is an obvious color and tastes like lemonade. I haven’t tried the other two yet, but Mtn Dew Distortion is lime (see what I mean?).. and Mtn Dew Typhoon is tropical flavored (so based on its originality, I’m already pulling for it).. We returned home, had some supper and soon watched Til Death. Then I had to give up the living room TV once again for my dad’s country music awards.. so I once again got online.

I was online for a while.. mainly the rest of the night. Damn country music awards. I did however watch the next episode of Supernatural (“Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid”.. had to download this one since the DVR missed it.. always full.. pretty damn good episode.. “Great, another horseman. Must be Thursday.” lol :p). And.. well.. that was pretty much it.. Oh, except this.

See ya.


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