Saturday 04.17.2010 —

I awoke in the morning and got online. I had quite a difficult time with my modem late last night after finishing my entry. I couldn’t put the entry on the site or.. load websites properly. IRC and torrents appeared to be unaffected though. Weird. And so the first thing I did the next morning was to check on it again. And it was still was screwing up. I had hit refresh over and over again just to get a site to show up. It took quite a while just to get the entry on the backup site.

We had some breakfast, then I watched The Soup (lol), Degrassi TNG (ah, nice episode) and The Troop (lol, one of the better episodes thus far). My dad headed out on a few errands and I checked out the computer again. It started to work better while I was there.. then it returned to crap again. And I also notice that I’m barely seeding my Power Rangers RPM torrent. *sigh* šŸ˜¦

Next, I watched Star Wars: The Clone Wars (good episode.. three-part season finale with Boba Fett starting next week, yay.. and the latter two episodes will be aired together the following week), House (heh, nice episode), United States of Tara (nice episodes here too.. wow @ the ending) and The Mentalist (ditto). I was going to watch more.. but I fell asleep for a few hours instead.. And then my dad woke me up with supper already done. Thwarted at eating out once again. Damnit. :p

I soon got online for a few hours.. and then.. I wanted to get the the bedroom DVR. Really, I did. But it never happened. I mainly watched through all of The Guild: Season 3 on YouTube and their site. I watched Season 1 & 2 before that.. and Season 3 was probably my favorite season so far. Nice to actually see them play the game instead of mainly just talking about it. Oh, and the lesbian elements sure didn’t hurt. šŸ˜‰ ..And then I checked out some other sites and laughed over the really long baseball game on FOX. NY Mets vs St Louis Cardinals. Eighteen innings with no score, then they tied at 1-1 in the 19th. lol. Then the Mets finally scored again in the 20th and the game was over after almost seven hours of play. Wow.

And.. well.. that was pretty much it. Except one of my dad’s ex-wives passed away today. She’d been smoking a lot through her life and got cancer. I.. never really liked her all that much though.. See ya. :/

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