I awoke very early in the morning and got online, then soon watched the final three episodes of Code Geass R2 (wow, great episodes.. especially that ending.. I totally forgot it somehow 🙂 ). I got back online for a little while, then eventually watched Ugly Americans (lol.. had to restart this one like 46457345 times, kept falling asleep :p) and The Sarah Silverman Program (lol, crazy stuff.. it was like South Park in live action.. and now I have “Banana cop” stuck in my head, damnit.. Banana cop, do-DO-do-do, Banana cop, do-Do-DO-do :/ ).

I then got onto PlayStation Home.. just as my dad returned home from dialysis. Damn. We soon watched Ellen (blah).. then I eventually returned to PlayStation Home. And I pulled myself out of that and moved on to GTA The Lost And Damned.. and pretty much played it all afternoon (I played through more than one mission this time.. more like.. four or five.. awesome stuff.. once I got to and failed the main game crossover mission with Niko and failed.. I just chose to rampage after that :p ..try again next time).

We had supper of some TV dinners, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Smallville (very good episode.. that very last scene was especially good). I wonder if the mysterious “Red X” message Tess got a while back is connected to the red chess piece last week? Hope so. Hehe.. My dad found it difficult to stay awake. He also seemed pretty depressed. He had been notified today that his monthly social security check amount would be dropping in order to pay for his medicare. And We’re barely even surviving now with what we– ..he’s being given. *sigh*

I watched Secrets Of The Mountain next, the WalMart-presented TV movie from NBC.. starring Power Rangers RPM hottie Adelaide Kane. 🙂 As expected from WalMart, the film is family friendly to its core. At the start, I wasn’t liking it at all.. but it eventually grew on me. There was only one scene FILLED with WalMart brand food products.. but that was about it.. except for the large amount of WalMart commercials. Oh, and Proctor & Gamble apparently produced the movie, so their products were featured during the commercials too. :p Ms. Kane stayed totally clothed for the whole thing, but did have a impressive yet disappointingly brief musical performance (that sounded a bit autotuned, but still). The music was great, since it was done by Randy Jackson. Good placement of Taylor Swift’s “Fairy Tale”. Not sure if I’ll pick up this movie on DVD though (exclusively at WalMart starting Saturday for just $12). May take a look at it on Tuesday though. There were also ads the for the DVD and the next WalMart Family Movie Night on July 16th: The Jensen Project.

After that.. I pressed my luck and watched my next Netflix selection.. at 11PM: Paranormal Activity. At its time of DVD release, I was considering buying it.. but passed. And now.. I so wished I had bought it. I really liked this movie. I got scared a couple times, but it was mainly just the chills. And I also got a bit freaked when the light from the computer in my room got brighter.. but then I realized what it was seconds later and was all “phew”. :p I watched the alternate ending separately afterward. I would’ve preferred that ending, since it looked more realistic and kept with the filming style of the movie. I was a bit excited when I heard about director Oren Peli’s next project.. and now I’m even more so. It’s in this same style.. but it’s titled Area 51. 😀 I may head to the theater for that one. Oh, and he’s working on Paranormal Activity 2 as well. 🙂

After that was over, I returned to my room.. and closed the door behind me.. and turned the light on.. >_> …….See ya. :p


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