spectacular spidey & wolverine ended / being human uk s1 dvd blu / today

Well, you wondered about the fate of The Spectacular Spider-Man and Wolverine And The X-Men after Disney’s acquisition of Marvel? Well, here it is. With Ultimate Spider-Man on the way, Spectacular Supervising Producer Greg Weisman confirms that this means that his series is officially over. 😦 ..There’s also word that even though there was talk that Wolverine & The X-Men had been picked up for 26 more episodes.. that seems to be no longer true.. Thanks SO much, Disney!

But among happier news is this tidbit: “Actor Christopher Barnes, who provided the voice of Spider-Man in the 1990s Spider-Man: The Animated Series, will be reprising the role in the upcoming videogame Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.” Cooool. πŸ™‚

The hit UK series about a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost all living under one roof (and will soon spawn a US version on SyFy Channel) will be coming to US DVD & Blu-ray shelves on July 20th. Being Human: Season One will feature.. Season One.. as well as a lot of cool special features. I really like this show, so I may just pick it up on Blu. πŸ™‚

I awoke in the morning and got online.. to finish up the previous entry.. I think.. Anyway.. while my dad was in the other room, I snuck onto PlayStation Home.. but only only just his precious morning TV started. Had to check out the new stuff after all.. We had some breakfast and watched said morning TV. Blah. 😦 But once my dad fell asleep a while later, I saw my chance and returned to PlayStation Home.

He awoke, eventually left.. then returned with groceries. If he had told me where he was going, I probably would have went and got groceries as well. But he didn’t, then complained about it once he returned. *rolls eyes* ..We watched Ellen.. then I briefly returned to PlayStation Home. And then I watched three more episodes of Code Geass R2 (found these very difficult to watch with my dad talking and the cat demanding attention.. ugh 😦 ..three to go).

And after that, I returned to GTA Episodes From Liberty City.. and only had time for one mission.. for like the third day in a row. The first two times I ran out of time.. but this time, my dad brought some fast food home for supper.. and I didn’t want to get the controller all greasy. So I shut it off and we just watched Monday’s Castle (haha, nice episode)

Once that ended and supper was consumed, I got back online in order to news-gather. and upload more Home pics. Home‘s first undercleavage. O_O But I’m probably.. a bit too.. excited about that..>_> Yup, I bought both male and female versions of this new angel wings top.. for $1.49 each. Ack..

In primetime, we watched Bones (a lot better than last week IMO.. good episode), Fringe (great episode this week πŸ™‚ ).. and eventually New Adventures of Old Christine (lol) and Accidentally On Purpose (lol.. owe,, “To Be Continued”). And that was pretty much it for the night.

See ya.

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