fall tv dvd blu-ray preorders / today

TVShowsOnDVD just reported a whole bunch of.. TV shows coming to DVD (and Blu-ray). :p Particularly the seasons that are just now wrapping up of Chuck, Supernatural, Smallville, Fringe, Human Target and V. Fringe: Season Two and V: Season One have some very nice cover art. Cannot wait to pick up Human Target and V on Blu, as well as Fringe and Chuck of course. πŸ™‚ And the way Smallville is going this season, I’m looking forward to seeing it all again together on DVD.

I awoke in the morning.. and had to get online to finish the previous entry. Argh. But soon, I watched three more episodes of Code Geass R2 (taking back what I said about Season 2.. it’s pretty damn good too.. I guess I just forgot :p). My dad returned home from dialysis and we watched Ellen. Well, mostly him. I took off to my room for some time online for part of it instead.. My dad started feeling weak again and had to go to bed. 😦 ..So I headed into PlayStation Home for a bit (mainly just LocoIsland chores.. working toward that Pickle Pimp suit :p).

And then I watched United States of Tara (PS3 telling me there’s 500MB free on the HDD.. and it got annoying so.. yeah.. good episode though πŸ™‚ ), followed by three more episodes of Code Geass R2 (wow, epic battle.. only six episodes left now.. wish I could fit them all in tomorrow..). After all that, I only had about an hour to play more GTA Episodes From Liberty City. Damn. But I did. One more mission completed.. then I rampaged again.. I wonder if the basic GTAIV trophies can be unlocked on this disc as well.. still don’t have some of those multiplayer trophies.. these DLC trophies are under GTAIV and not separate, hmm).

My dad awoke.. and eventually returned to bed. 😦 ..I got online, then had to pick something out for myself for supper. Blah.. In primetime, my dad still wasn’t awake.. so I watched The Vampire Diaries (hm, good episode), Glee (haha, nice) and South Park (rofl, 200th episode.. hence the title “200”.. wow, they fit a lot of references to classic stuff in one episode.. it was awesome.. and I bet the cliffhanger won’t be resolved next week, lol :p). My dad awoke as it neared 10:30.. so we watched The Middle (lol), Modern Family (lol) and Cougar Town (lol.. though the style of humor is starting to become too reminiscent of Scrubs.. and I actually don’t like it.. and I really enjoyed Scrubs :/).

And then.. that was about it.. Blah blah blah. No one’s reading all this anyway. See ya.

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