Sunday 04.11.2010 — had places to go, but.. couldn’t..

I awoke in the morning.. then soon took over the TV and watched the first four episodes of Code Geass R2 (oh, maybe I was a bit wrong about the bunny suit :p ..good episodes, looking forward to doubling the discs up to get this series over with a little faster though), followed by Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (very good episode.. looking forward to collecting all of these DVDs, then waiting until I have them all before watching them all too :p ) and The Sarah Silverman Program (lol.. Patton Oswalt, nice.. the picture of Bush among all the other evil things was a great touch too 🙂 ).

My dad made breakfast.. then headed back to bed. He said he didn’t get much sleep last night. 😦 ..So I watched Doctor Who (“The Beast Below”.. somewhat an improvement over last week, yay 🙂 ..Next week: a more-exciting Dalek production of Caprica, sweet! :p ), The Ricky Gervais Show (lol), Mercy (good episode.. damnit @ the theme song not being available for download anywhere 😦 ) and The Vampire Diaries (Malese Jow is hott, especially in this episode.. a handjob I see, nice :p ..remember her from Unfabulous 🙂 ).

After all that, I finally got online for a while, My dad woke up and we eventually had supper.. In primetime, we watched Til Death (lol), Rules of Engagement (lol.. surprised that guy didn’t quit :p), Simpsons (lol), The Cleveland Show (Family Guy crossover, cool.. especially when Quagmire compared this spin-off to Joey, lol.. good episode for once too, hmm), Family Guy (lol) and American Dad (lol.. they should do like a 90-minute event among these three shows or something.. sorta like what all three CSIs did earlier this season.. *shrug* ..but if they did, they’d probably make it a DVD movie first :p).

Room for the night. *yawn* See ya.


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