Saturday 04.10.2010 — Green With Onomatopoeia Part 2: [BETRAYED!]

I awoke and briefly got online. And then I watched Degrassi TNG (good episode.. can’t go wrong with teens in bikinis, too bad it was only one of ’em though :p), Star Wars: The Clone Wars (once they were fighting that thing with the laser things, I realized “omg, it’s Godzilla!” lol.. they didn’t even change the name enough.. “Zillo” :p) and the last four episodes of Code Geass (Season 1 complete, awesome finale, a highlight of the series.. R2 wasn’t as good though, even with Kallen in that playboy bunny suit :p ).

After some more time online, I watched Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Reversioned (“Green With Evil, Part II” ..ugh @ the {BETRAYED!] stamp when Jason was.. yeah.. as well as the word balloon in the closing shot.. ugh.. again.. otherwise, it was alright). A little while after that was over, I watched my next Netflix selection — Up. It was pretty okay. Glad I didn’t buy it when I was considering it though. I only own the two scifi-centric Pixar films on disc — The Incredibles on DVD and WALL-E on Blu-ray. 🙂

I followed that with an episode of Mercy (good episode). before I gave up and got online again. I bought a pizza for supper, then soon went to the bedroom DVR and watched two episodes of Gossip Girl (very good episodes). And then.. I just wasted the rest of the night online. :/

Well.. see ya.


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