abc finale dates + lost finale plans / today

ABC has announced a whole bunch of upcoming season finale dates. The first of which will be the Ugly Betty series finale on April 14th. Desperate Housewives, Castle and V will conclude their seasons on May 16th, May 17th and May 18th respectively. And then Lost will hold its three-hour series finale event on Sunday May 23rd, including yet another recap special before the final two hours of the series. Following that (and the local news) at 11:35PM ET, will be a Jimmy Kimmel Live: Aloha To Lost special. It will feature appearances and interviews with cast and crew of the show.. as well as alternate endings. Coool. 🙂

I awoke in the morning.. and got online. But then I snuck onto PlayStation Home for a few hours. Smaller update this week. Seems it was only offline for a hour or so early this morning. :p ..But soon, my dad and I watched some morning TV.. before I returned to PlayStation Home. But eventually, I pulled myself out of that and watched four more episodes of Code Geass (more very good episodes, of course.. wouldn’t have bought them if they weren’t :p ..Disc 4 down.. 10 to go.. :p).

I returned to PlayStation Home for a little while.. then we had some supper.. and I got online to news-gather.. Damn, all the NBC comedies are reruns again. So in primetime, we watched Bones (I really expected this to be a joke or a dream or something.. it really seemed that way.. and the main story is a retcon, argh.. overall, not all that great for a 100th episode IMO :/ ) and Fringe (this was a lot better though, of course.. very good episode 🙂 ). My dad fell asleep pretty early into these though, so I followed them with two episodes of Mercy (nice to finally see the aftermath of the Valentines episode.. though I’ve had these on the PS3 for a while.. just not the time to watch them..? this show is definitely better than current Grey’s Anatomy.. pulled the plug on that garbage this season).

..I guess Truth-Seekers: Prometheus will never be continued. I wish it would. The premise I had for it was somewhat original. The aliens invading and destroying the cities really weren’t aliens at all. The alien races made a deal with a secret government to leave Earth, then they staged the invasion to form a tyrannical New World Order. The Truth-Seekers would eventually discover the truth and fight back. And eventually the aliens would return in order to help out.. Ah well.. See ya.

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