Awoke.. and got online to finish the previous entry. And then I got onto PlayStation Home a bit before my dad finally woke up. We eventually watched some Ellen.. and his “news”.. before I returned to PlayStation Home once again.. But once that froze, I gave up and moved on to Bejeweled 2 (*trophy!*).. then finally watched four more episodes of Code Geass (great episodes, of course.. may double up on disc viewings per day once I reach the three-episode discs.. in Season 2 :p).

After that, I didn’t feel like returning to Home so I watched Castle (good episode) and Chuck (very good episode.. must’ve been the original season finale, before NBC extended their episode order? 🙂 ). After that, we had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched New Adventures of Old Christine (lol, I’ve.. actually missed this one a bit) and Accidentally On Purpose (surely didn’t miss this one.. but this was actually a not-that-bad episode.. all due to Olivia Munn playing a hott baby nanny 😉 ).

I was going to to watch more.. but I just played music very loudly on the PS3 for the next hour or so. This is how my dad fights back at neighbors playing loud music. :/ And with my dad out of the room, I soon watched the night’s new episodes of South Park (rofl, Facebook AND Tron.. awesome! plus is made a lot of points on why I hate Facebook.. and I have an account there where family members mainly send me useless app messages all day.. oh, and Chatroulette had me rofl too :p dad asked if this show was always on Wednesday or something.. and I was all WTF, only for the last DECADE.. in my head, that is) and Ugly Americans (lol, nice episode).

And.. see ya.


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