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I awoke in the.. yeah.. and got online to finish up the previous entry. Of course.. We had some breakfast and watched some of the usual morning TV. But when I headed out to media buy..

First, I headed to Target.. and got nothing. I was looking for something, but didn’t find it.. I moved on to WalMart and picked up Party Down: Season 1 on DVD for just $15. Plus it has a WalMart exclusive bonus DVD including the first two episodes of Season 2, which doesn’t begin until April 23rd. Neat.. Minus the discs are in a damn spindle case, where all three discs are held on one hub. Ugh. I hear the basic release is a double-hubbed eco case though. Not all that much better..

Next, I went to Borders and picked up Gantz Volume 7. I really need to start catching up on this manga.. And then I finally made it to Best Buy, where I picked up Code Geass: Lelouche Of The Rebellion R2 – Part IV on DVD. The previous Parts have pretty much been $30 each, so it was a bit nice seeing this one at $25.. especially since it only has six episodes on its two discs. :p ..I got something else instead of an icee.. because they weren’t ready ( 😦 ) and then returned home.

We watched Ellen (well, my dad mainly did while I was online.. I’m so sick and tired of hearing about American Idol, but she’s a host so now she’s going to just talk the fuck out of it >_< ), then I got onto PlayStation Home for a bit. And then I watched four more episodes of Code Geass (yup, Disc 2.. too lazy to switch discs during viewings anymore.. anyway, good episodes πŸ™‚ ..only 41 more episodes to go!).. then.. just played some Bejeweled 2.

Next, we had some supper.. then I got online to news-gather. I briefly watched Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job at around 8PM (heh, way short episode this week.. ha, jk.. those fake credits were sorta funny.. I guess.. everything else? utter stupidity), then got back online. And then I waited until 9PM.. Then I watched Lost (wow, very interesting episode this week πŸ™‚ ) and V (another pretty good episode.. don’t exactly know if I like this new PMotW format yet though.. “Plot Movement of the Week”, they set out to do only one thing in each of these last two episodes, slowing down the series plot a little in the process :/ ). During the latter show, there was a somewhat odd M&Ms commercial in which the M&M characters ask to be voted on which is the fan favorite. And the green female M&M states that she is “working the polls”. There could be three meanings to that statement alone. And I’m trying to scrub two of them out of my head right now. >_>

Well.. see ya.

[ Video: ‘Collateral Murder’ – WikiLeaks Exposes Video Of US Soldiers Killing Iraqi Civilians ]
[ Video: Ron Paul – Don’t Assassinate American Citizens, Obama ]
[ Video: BBC Admits Al Qaeda Never Existed ]
[ US-Committed Atrocities In Afghanistan ]
[ America’s Nuclear Nazis And The Radiation State ]
[ Video: Judge Napolitano – Doctors Enslaved By Health Bill ]
[ FCC Loses Key Ruling On Internet Neutrality ]
[ Comcast Can Now Legally Shut Down Downloads ]
[ WSJ Hides JP Morgan Chase Gold / Silver Manipulation ]
[ Away With Tax! Abolish The Lot Except Sales Tax ]
[ Sound Bullets Latest Weapon Against Cancer ]
[ ‘Evil Eye’ – Research Shows Eyes Can Emit Energy ]
[ Fluoride Explosion Kills 5, Injures 2 ]
[ Grey Hair Now ‘In’ – If It Isn’t Natural ]



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