adelaide kane secrets site & dvd / today now has a website for their TV movie Secrets of the Mountain, starring Power Rangers RPM‘s Adelaide Kane. Click here to check it out.. for just skip directly to Adelaide’s bio page, which features some neat videos. :p Oand remember when I mentioned the “exclusive” DVD? Well, here that is. The movie on DVD (with over two hours of special features) PLUS a soundtrack CD, all for $12? Wow. And of course, the release date appears to be Saturday April 17th.. as in the very next day after it premieres on NBC. No Blu-ray in sight though. Oh well. :p …Thanks for pointing out the site, Official Adelaide Kane Facebook. 🙂

I awoke and got online to finish the previous entry, then I soon watched the first five episodes of Code Geass (the final DVD set is out tomorrow.. so time to watch all 50 or so of these :p ..good start, nice to see them unedited for the first time 🙂 ). I got online after that, then got onto PlayStation Home for a bit.

My dad soon returned home from dialysis and we watched some morning TV. But soon, he wasn’t feeling good and went to bed again.. I ended up playing Grand Theft Auto IV for most of the afternoon. I really want to unlock all the islands.. again.. on this trophy-enabled game save.. but.. bleh.. too lazy to replay everything. :p SO after failing a mission too many time, I just rampaged. Woohoo! ..My dad woke and we had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, we watched 10 Things I Hate About You (lol), Human Target (another great episode.. now only one left to go this season 😦 ) and The Mentalist (good episode.. bitch new boss though :p). After that, I gave the TV over to my dad to watch the rest of that NCAA Championship. I was going to watch Rules of Engagement too.. but due to the game being here in town and a local underdog team playing in it.. the local news chose to cover it for the hours leading up to the game, so.. :/

And that was it. Again. Bye.

[ Video: Video Of Inhuman US Butchering Iraqi Civilians ]
[ Climate Change Act – The Biggest Bill Ever ]
[ Drockton – Utah Earthquake Vision ]
[ UT Gov Takes Drockton Quake Prophecy Seriously ]
[ Makow – Illuminati Who’s Who Linked to Raelians ]
[ Afghanistan Top Producer Of Heroin/Hash CIA Drugs ]
[ Israel Allows Clothing Into Gaza For First Time In 3 Years ]
[ Video: 7.2 Mexico Quake Rocks Water From Pool In Brawley, CA ]


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