Sunday 04.04.2010 — Gimme a Hell, gimme a Yeah!!

[Current Music Download|Rev Theory – Hell Yeah (Blue Mountain State theme) @ MediaFire]

I awoke in the morning and got online to finish the previous entry once again, then I watched three episodes of FlashForward (two-part premiere and the following episode.. blah.. so close to dropping this one, really).. followed by some time with Bejeweled 2 (*trophy!*). My dad woke up and soon got the newspaper and I checked the ads for Tuesday.

My dad watched some news, but then I took over again and watched Big Time Rush (lol), Star Wars: The Clone Wars (good episode.. but whoo, Boba Fett finale! :p), Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (eh, I always found this part of the story boring.. in the fifth lab.. felt a bit too much like a DBZ-esque battle to me, blah), Degrassi TNG (“Broken Promises”.. nice episode, you sometimes don’t know how much you miss something.. until.. it’s back :p), Doctor Who (“The Eleventh Hour”.. and I already miss the old Who *sigh* 😦 ), Blue Mountain State (lol.. aww, finale 😦 ..but already picked up for Season 2, so yay) and Justified (eh..).

Next, we headed out to the grocery store once again. Yesterday, we didn’t know of a few limited time deals so we had to return to take advantage. :/ We returned home and I got online, then we had some supper.. And soon, we watched two episodes of Til Death (Brooke Nevin, neat.. oand lol), Minute To Win It (wow, she got pretty far..), Life Unexpected (another very good episode.. haha @ an event happening in two weeks.. when there’s two episodes left in the season :p ..classic) and Sons of Tucson (lol.. I hear Tyler Labine has signed on for another show though.. I guess he sees the writing on the wall for this show already..?).

And that was about it. See ya.

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Sunday 04.04.2010 — Gimme a Hell, gimme a Yeah!!


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