Saturday 04.03.2010 — Green With Onomatopoeia.. Part 1

I awoke in the morning and finished the previous entry, then we had some breakfast. And soon, we watched The Middle (lol), Modern Family (lol) and Cougar Town (lol). I followed that with Degrassi: The Next Generation (“Love Games”.. I noticed I haven’t seen this show in a while, look it up and notice I’ve only missed this one-hour Valentine’s “special”.. so here we are 🙂 I’ll watch the other new “special” later.. so you put a rich kid at the school and give him the last name of Coin? lol, awesome :p ..nice episodes).

I got back online for a little while, then watched Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Reversioned — “Green With Evil, Part I: Out of Control” (not as bad as I expected, perhaps only one scene too over-edited.. I liked the extra effect added to Rita’s first teleportation of Tommy, as well as the improved zord call animations now with colors and coin emblems.. by the order they were mentioned on Dan Evans III’s twitter, they did the episodes out of order and did this saga last.. so perhaps that’s why some episodes appear better treated than others). Pretty lame that Part I is this weekend, then Part II is next weekend.. then Part III won’t air until at least May. Ugh. :/

My dad returned from an errand, then we soon headed out to the grocery store. But our microwave of about ten years finally crapped out on us, so we had to buy accordingly. And microwave is the only way I usually cook at all, so.. 😦 ..We returned home and soon watched my next Netflix selection — Four Christmases. Funny movie. Haha. A few parts were too silly to believe, but overall we both liked it.. I got back online, then watched another episode of The Vampire Diaries (not bad really).

We had supper, then I got back online again.. for the rest of the night.. pretty much. Though I did head to the bedroom DVR a bit late and watched another episode of Supernatural (“The Song Remains The Same”.. haha, nice title.. admitting to the rehashed plot :p ..good episode). And I soon fell asleep prematurely.. and that was about it..

See ya.

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