After finishing the previous entry.. I got the PS3 online and played some LittleBigPlanet (lol @ the Aprils Fools fragrances addon.. its under Hands in wardrobe, but when chosen it’s only an animation of the Sackperson applying the fragrance :p).. then checked out PlayStation Home.. until about 3AM or so.. I finally fell asleep, then awoke at 5AM, right as my dad was leaving for dialysis.. and my text alert came in about my direct deposit. Woohoo. I got back on PlayStation Home and bought a couple.. things..

Hours later, my dad returned home from dialysis. We had a late breakfast and watched Ellen. And then we headed out to a few places. I made a stop at the bank to remove by rent / cable payment / whatever my dad’s calling it this month.. and then I headed to Target. I was considering 500 Days Of Summer on Blu-ray and/or Gossip Girl: Season 2 on DVD. I decided to pass on Sherlock Holmes for now. Maybe I’ll rent it first.. in a fricking month when Netflix is allowed to put it in stock. >_> I passed on both here because the copies on the shelf weren’t in all that great shape.. and I needed to consider s’more.

I added some money to my phone, the n we were off to Best Buy. There, I finally decided to buy Gossip Girl: Season 2 on DVD.. and promptly price-matched it from their $44.99 to Target’s $17.99 using the ad that I had just picked up on the way out.. of Target. Yay. Another season I probably won’t watch for a long time. I really need to get some watching these seasons (two seasons of Big Bang Theory, 2 seasons of Get Smart, the latter seasons of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Veronica Mars.. and now both seasons of Gossip Girl). Perhaps once I finish Code Geass, which I finally hope to begin on Monday. :p ..I already Netflixed 500 Days, but now wants to own it.. eventually..

We returned home and I got online. My dad was feeling very weak, especially after our outing. He soon went to bed.. and I returned to PlayStation Home. I also.. bought Bejeweled 2 on PSN. Tired of playing it on Facebook damnit. -_- ..My dad woke at about 6:30 or so and I eventually got online to news-gather. And we had some supper.

In primetime, we watched Smallville (lol, some episode to return on.. wow.. reminded me a bit of the classic early FOTW episodes :p week looks awesome). Medium (no, not tonight’s episode.. the March 6th episode.. behind again, yup.. good episode.. yay @ seeing Laura Prepon again), The Soup (lol) and The Sarah Silverman Program (whoa, that was like.. the awesomest episode of the series ever, lol.. porn, a baby robot and a toy train.. wow :p).

And that’s about it. See ya.

[ Feds Prepare To Use Anarchists To Provoke Tea Party Violence ]
[ Video: Obama Says Talk Radio is ‘Troublesome’ ]


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