I awoke in the morning and got online to finish up the previous entry. It was then I noticed the e-mail from 250Free, one of the many sites I get free internet space from. I haven’t visited the site in a long time, so it’s saying my files will be deleted if I don’t sign in. So I do.. and the site’s down for maintenance.. all day. >_> Damnit, April 1st..?

My dad got his food stamps in so he headed out to get some groceries.. since he had very little to eat. We had some breakfast and watched some morning TV. But soon I notice that the internet is disconnected once again. But instead of being off for 5 minutes or so like the two times yesterday.. it’s offline for an hour. Grrrrr. 😦

Out of sadness at loss of internet, I fell asleep and didn’t find out it was back until hours later when I woke up again.. After my dad saw his news, I got the PS3 online.. and waited PlayStation Home to get back online. For some reason, they took it down for updates at 12 Noon ET instead of the usual 3AM. :/

While waiting I played some LittleBigPlanet (yay, finally got the Share trophy.. 199 trophies total now, heh), then soon watched the last four episodes of Kids In The Hall: Death Comes To Town (lol.. nice ending, lol @ the very last scene especially) and Legend of the Seeker (ooh, nice episode). And then PlayStation Home was online. It’s not as fun when you can’t afford to buy anything.. and there’s no free stuff to collect this week. 😦

I got online to news-gather.. and my dad ordered a pizza for supper. 🙂 He got his smaller check today too… In primetime, we watched Bones (my dad hadn’t seen this show for a very long time, so I understood when he wasn’t all that interested.. very good episode though, particularly a part near the end 😉 ), Fringe (my dad must’ve mistook this show for another or something.. before the show he was excited to see it.. then quickly lost interest during.. I didn’t however, even though I knew most of this flashback story from the hinting throughout the series alone.. loved the 80s opening credits, wish they could’ve been longer :p) and The Marriage Ref (lol, funny stuff).

Soon after, my dad headed off to bed and I returned to my room.. Bye.

[ The Case For Impeachment Of ‘President’ Obama ]
[ Army Medic Demands Obama Produce Birth Certificate ]
[ Obama Decrees New Fuel Efficiency Standards ]
[ Teenage Girl ‘Sold Her 7 Year Old Stepsister For Sex’ ]
[ 6 Year Old Girl Sexually Abused By 23 Classmates ]


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