Sunday 03.21.2010 — From Freedom to Fascism

[Current Music Download|Don Henley – Inside Job @ MediaFire + lyrics]

I awoke on the latter side of the 4AM hour and soon got online to finish up the previous entry. I then watched Big Time Rush (haha) and The Troop (Vampsters :p). But while I was watching sections of At The Movies, I fell asleep for a few minutes.. and my dad took over the TV to see his boring news crap. But he soon gave the TV back.. and returned to bed.

I then watched Star Wars: The Clone Wars (another very good episode.. don’t like how they air new episodes so sporadicly though.. oh and Generator Max.. a shallow clone of Ben 10.. from the people who make the shallow Ben 10 :/ ) and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (saved the best for last, of course.. not much really happened this week, but very good episode nonetheless 🙂 ..cannot wait to start collecting this show on DVD in May :p). I then spent a few hours in PlayStation Home.

But once it was time for my dad’s NASCAR race, I woke him (he was now “resting his eyes” on the couch while waiting for the race by this point) then got online. I ended up staying online for a while. But I did manage to fit in two episodes of Bones (“The X In The File”.. yup way behind.. not bad, haha Dean Haglund :p ..felt a bit weird though at the very end when Booth said “Did you hear that?”.. because I happened to fart at that exact moment >_> lol.. and “The Proof In The Pudding”.. first aliens, then conspiracy.. good double feature :p ..but just disappointed that it always has to end with a more rational explanation for it all :/ ).

We had some supper, then we watched two episodes of Til Death (lol, day before the wedding last week and now they proposed this week.. silly way of airing this abundance of unaired episodes), Minute To Win It (my dad’s getting to like this one more than I do already.. I’m getting a bit bored with it.. possible because half the show is fricking commercials!), Desperate Housewives (haha, good episode as usual.. and John Barrowman made his first appearance, neat), Family Guy (lol) and Cleveland Show (lol).

And.. yeah, bye.

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