Saturday 03.20.2010 — Twilight Saturday II

So I was awake and online past 2AM finishing up that previous double entry. I then watched the new iCarly (lol, Britney parody, nice) before getting back online again for a bit. But I eventually fell asleep.. The next morning I awoke and got online for a bit, then eventually had some breakfast.. but soon it time to head out and media buy..

First (and.. only), I headed to Target. I had a $5 off coupon that I was considering using on the documentary Twilight In Forks.. since I’d pretty much get it free. But I opted not to get it though. I only got The Twilight Saga: New Moon – Target Exclusive Two-Disc Deluxe Edition on Blu-ray. Of course they had the both regular retail versions there as well, just so they could jack up the price on their version with an additional disc. Don’t think they did that last time. So $24.99 it was. Argh. :/

I returned home and we watched my next Netflix selection — Old Dogs. It.. was okay.. but.. not all that great. About what I was expecting really.. I then eventually watched The Ricky Gervais Show (lol) before getting online for a bit. There I learned that it was possible to use the $5 or $10 coupons that claimed to be good for multiple DVDs.. was good on just New Moon only.. if the register person didn’t read it closely. Damnit. No wonder the one I laid down was gone before I even left the store. 😦

I also watched CSI (another jumping of the shark, Rascal Flatts appears.. and also takes part in the main plot of the episode.. it was like watching Scooby Doo or something :p), Mercy (ah, what Grey’s Anatomy used to be before it started focusing too much on the romantic crap and I stopped watching.. sorta.. still behind, it’s the takes-place-at-Valentine’s-Day episode.. wow @ that ending, good episode) and Men Of A Certain Age (haha, nice episode).

And then I found some time to get onto PlayStation Home for a bit (scored big on LocoIsland today.. 121 pickories from nuts alone, woohoo).. then I finally got online. My dad said to find something to have for supper on my own.. but I hadn’t gone to the grocery store lately, so I had nothing. I eventually decided to order a pizza from Pizza Hut online. Meat Lovers + Chicken.. $10. Wow. Almost needed a fork. :p

And I pretty much wasted all night online. Not much more to say about that. I then fell asleep pretty quickly watching the SNL rerun. Damnit. See ya.

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