avatar dvd blu announced / today

In case you missed the news, Avatar is being released on bare-bones DVD & Blu-ray on Earth Day, Thursday April 22nd. Yup, it’s been officially announced now. Check out that cover art.. again.. Hey wait, didn’t they have cat-like eyes in the actual movie? :/

I awoke in the morning.. and got online to finish up the previous entry, of course. I then watched Greek (good episode), The Soup (lol.. yup, took me even longer this time.. I DVRed it on Friday this time too, just didn’t get to it until now) and The Secret Life of the American Teenager (eh blah.. at least until that ending anyway.. wow :p). I got back online for a bit and my dad soon returned home from dialysis.

We watched some morning TV.. then I took over and got onto PlayStation Home for a bit. Then I moved onto Heavy Rain (found out about two more reasonably easy trophies to get and decided to. get them.. sooo close to my first platinum now.. but I probably can’t make it.. the three left are too hard :/).. and eventually Grand Theft Auto IV as well (wow, forgot how fun this was :p ..a few more trophies out of this one too.. so close to 200 now.. just reacquainting myself with Liberty City before Episodes From Liberty City is released for PS3 on March 30th.. cannot wait 🙂 ).

I shut off the PS3 a little earlier than usual, then got online to news-gather. We had some supper.. In primetime, we watched Human Target (another great episode.. hot FBI chick is back, yay.. ooooh, FOX better not cancel this one too soon or it’ll be the last straw.. dunno what the heck that means.. but yeah..), Justified (new FX series.. US Marshals in Kentucky.. eh, it was alright.. thought it was a bit silly when the main character repeated the series title twice, once at the start and again near the end :p ), The Mentalist (hahaha, good episode) and Gary Unmarried (lol.. such a shame that such an.. important episode to the series.. only get a rerun as its lead-in though :/ ..nice cliffhanger ending).

And that was about it again. See ya.

[ Government Warned 9/11 Commission ‘Not To Cross The Line’ ]
[ Stop The Census – Nothing But Fraud ]
[ Army Training Soldiers To Run In Urban Streets ]
[ Vitamin D PROVEN Better Than Vaccine At Preventing Flu ]
[ ‘Change’ – Obama’s Dismal Approval Ratings Match Bush’s ]
[ Hawaii May Ban Requests For Obama Birth Certificate ]
[ GOP Wimps Out – Congress May Pass ObamaCare Without Vote ]
[ Republicans Already Planning To Repeal ObamaCare ]
[ Virginia Will Sue The Feds Over ObamaCare ]
[ WA Walgreens – No New Medicaid Patients After 4-16 ]
[ US To Have Budget Deficits For Next 70 Years ]
[ Rising Food Prices May Start With Seeds ]
[ Lehman Whistleblower Fired After Sounding Alarm ]
[ Contestants Torture Each Other On TV Game of Death ]
[ 50 Of The Strangest Structures On Earth ]
[ Beach Jogger Killed By Plane ]


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