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I awoke in the morning and got online to finish up the previous entry yet again. We eventually watched some morning TV.. then I got ready and we headed out to media buy.

First, I went to the library and opted to print up a $5 Reward Zone certificate in order to lower the price on today’s Blu-ray a bit. Then I headed to Best Buy and picked up The Fourth Kind. Their price was $24.99, but I took it down to $20 with the Reward Zone certificate.. I might pick up Close Encounters Of The Third Kind on Blu next month, now that I saw that Best Buy lowered its price to just $19.99. I’ve only seen (and own) the one version on DVD and this one has all three. 🙂 ..After that, I got my icee.. then waited in the car and wasted time as my dad went to the grocery store again.. It was really until I got home that I really started reconsidering my purchase. The reviews aren’t all that great for this film. I probably should have looked them up before I bought it, but at least I haven’t opened it yet. I could always return it while I’m out.. on Saturday morning.. >_>

So we watched Ellen (barely, blah), then I checked out PlayStation Home (LocoIsland chores, whee :p).. followed by Heavy Rain.. all afternoon.. and up to about 7:30PM. But I finished my second playthrough though, and in just two days. Wow.. We had supper, but my dad was mainly too paranoid for most of the night to do anything but wait and see if the neighbors will screw with our cable again. They stole it twice before…

I got online briefly, then in primetime.. I watched Chuck (wow, another very good episode 🙂 ), The Ricky Gervais Show (lol), Lost (great episode yet again, of course.. and next week looks quite interesting) and Rules of Engagement (lol.. *falls asleep*). No, really. I did actually fall asleep. Haha. :p And so that was pretty much it for the night.


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