avatar for earth day april 22 / today

Los Angeles Times has revealed that the initial DVD & Blu-ray release of Avatar on Thursday, April 22nd (aka Earth Day) will include no special features of any kind in order to present a “top-of-the-line audio and video presentation of the film” (..isn’t that what additional discs are for?). In fact, Fox claims this will be the first ever new release Blu-ray to not include a single special feature. Check out the article for a rather large look at the Blu-ray art. Yay. I was hoping there would be a DVD copy included. Haha @ no digital copy though.. Deeper in the article is a mention of an “Ultimate Edition” that is set to be released in November, of course. :p

I awoke in the morning, got online to finish up the previous entry.. then I played Heavy Rain pretty much all morning (the Kamikaze trophy is SOOO hard for me, damnit.. screw it, time to start a new story). My dad returned home from dialysis and we soon watched some DVRed morning TV. We had some lunch, then he eventually went off to sleep. It was then that I returned to Heavy Rain (fairing much better than I did that first time.. thanks to turning down the difficulty setting from normal to easy :p), but soon moved on to fl0w (read a trophy guide and decided to go for an easy one during the closing credits.. if I could only get to the end of this damn game again.. ugh, campaign after campaign after campaign.. all the same).

My dad woke up earlier than I expected.. and started loitering around.. *shrug* We soon had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, there was barely anything on to watch again. I considered watching some of the many shows I’ve downloaded and haven’t watched yet.. but my dad said I could play my game some more and ran off int o his room for the night. Damnit.

…And so I played some more fl0w (ugggghhh..) before giving that up and returning to Heavy Rain (three trails passed, sweet.. I didn’t pass enough of them the last time 😦 ..damn that Kamikaze trophy though.. you have to one of the trials PERFECTLY or you don’t get the trophy, grr). My dad returned to the living room in time for the news. And that was pretty much it.

See ya.

[ Makow – Would US Troops Fire On Americans? ]
[ The Federal Reserve – The Greatest Scam In History ]
[ Jesse Ventura’s Censored 911 Commentary ]
[ H1N1 Pandemic Vaccine Mismatch Raises Concerns ]
[ CDC Vaccine-Autism Coverup Figure Flees With $2 Million ]
[ Health Care Reform – Communist Style ]
[ Israeli Govt To Enter US Health Care Plan
[ Vital FDA ‘Corruption’ Letter Authenticated ]
[ Chavez Calls For Curbs On Internet ]
[ Princess Diana Book Claims Driver Was Framed ]
[ 3 Cornell Students Commit Suicide Off Bridge? ]
[ Thomas Jefferson Dropped From TX School Textbooks ]
[ Video: Neutron Bomb Inventor Sam Cohen – Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3 ]
[ Jell-O Cranberry Gelatin Contains Unlabeled Aspartame ]
[ The Sky Before Katrina Struck ]
[ Million UK Books To Go Underground For 3 Years (hmm…) ]
[ Da Vinci Predicted World Would End In 4006 ]
[ Search On For Death Star That Emits Deadly Comets ]
[ Comet’s Dramatic Death Dive Into The Sun ]
[ Nazca Civilization Was Destroyed By Deforestation ]
[ US Lobbies To Put Polar Bears On Endangered List ]
[ Brit World’s First Genderless Person ]
[ American Woman Wants To Be World’s Fattest ]


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