Sunday 03.14.2010 — SLEEEEEEEEP!

I awoke in the morning and had some breakfast, then watched The Troop (haha, good episode šŸ™‚ ) and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (wow, very good episode this week.. *shakes fist @ cliffhangery ending* :p).. before checking out PlayStation Home for a little while. My dad woke up early, then went to bed again. He then awoke while I was on Home and starting complaining about it.. and then he fell asleep again.

Once I got bored, I watched two episodes of Men Of A Certain Age (pretty good episodes, actually.. behind on this show too šŸ˜¦ ..never really found Sarah Clarke all that attractive during 24.. probably because I don’t prefer short hair.. but she was pretty in the first episode here.. disappointed when she wasn’t in the second one :/). My dad eventually woke up and we headed out to the grocery store.. for groceries. We returned home and I got online, then we soon had some supper.

In primetime, we watched two episodes of Til Death (lol.. but wtf @ the animated episode.. and airing the episodes out of order so that a major plot point of the second episode had already happened before the first episode -_-), Minute To Win It (haha, neat show :p), Desperate Housewives (another really good episode), Family Guy (lol) and Simpsons (lol). And not long after that, I fell asleep prematurely. Damnit. šŸ˜

See ya.


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