Saturday 03.13.2010 — OMG, New Moon on DVD! *imitation teenage girl scream*

There’s a slew of exclusives for next Saturday’s DVD & Blu-ray release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Click here to check them all out. I’ll most likely be getting the Target Exclusive Blu-ray with bonus disc yet again. I’ve got to keep my collection complete after all. Target’s also offering the Twilight In Forks: The Saga of The Real Town documentary on DVD for just $9.99. Buy it with New Moon at Target and get a $5 gift card. Plus you can print up a coupon at that will save you another $5 for buying New Moon with Twilight In Forks.. which pretty much makes the documentary disc free. Neat. :p

…I didn’t really like the first movie all that much, yet for some reason I’m giving the series a second chance with a second more-blind buy (I actually read the first book before the first movie, but not so this time). The reason is probably the one I already gave above about keeping my collection complete by getting the second Target Exclusive Blu-ray to go along with my Target Exclusive Blu-ray of the first film.. I suck. :/

I awoke in the morning and.. got online to finish up the previous entry. But eventually, we had some breakfast and I watched three episodes of Mercy (soo behind on this one.. three down, still four more to go.. good show though, there’s just a lot more better ones :p). My dad left somewhere, then I played a bit more of the Bejeweled 2 demo (it seems a lot less playable now than yesterday, weird.. I’m pretty sure I played a game mode yesterday that is now locked until I buy the game.. I think I’ll get it eventually).

My dad returned home.. and I soon watched Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Reversioned (two more rerun reruns.. the next new episode isn’t until March 27th.. and it’s the last one before the dreaded “Green With Evil”.. oh boy). Not long after that though.. I watched my next Netflix selection — The Hurt Locker. Great movie. I really enjoyed it. May get it on Blu someday. *shrug* My dad once again kept falling asleep during it.. then tried to convince me afterward that he was awake the whole time. Riiiight.

We watched two episodes of Parenthood next (wow, a lot of stars among the cast.. including some hotties.. nice seeing Mae Whitman in a larger role, besides her usual guest appearances and voice acting — such as in Avatar: The Last Airbender), then I got online to news-gather. We had more fast food for supper… then I pretty much stayed online all night. I really waited to get to the bedroom DVR again, but there were things to do on the computer. Like organizing all these recently downloaded comics that I mostly still haven’t read. :p

Well.. see ya.

[ Video: Bush Admits That Explosives Were Used In WTC On 9/11 ]
[ An Open Letter To American War Criminals ]
[ 9/11 Rescuers In Court Fight For Healthcare ]
[ Amazing True Story Of Katrina Hero Zeitoun ]
[ Obama’s Approval Down To 46% ]
[ Hal Turner ‘Hate Blogger’ Wins Second Mistrial ]
[ Drockton Forces Another UT Republican Leader To Resign ]
[ Pope Knew Priest Was A Pedo But Left Him Alone ]
[ Makow – Was Darwin An Illuminati Instrument? ]
[ Deadly Obesity Foods Also Change The Human Mind ]
[ FDA Warning On Plavix Blood Thinner ]
[ Cro Magnon Skull Shows Human Brains Now Shrinking ]
[ Astronauts Dismay At NASA Canceling Return To Moon ]


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