yest– er, today

I awoke in the morning and got online to finish up the previous entry, then watched The Sarah Silverman Program (lol), two episodes of Being Human (wow, some season finale.. can’t wait for Season 3.. and hope SyFy doesn’t screw up the US version too much) and Blue Mountain State (lol). My dad returned home from dialysis and we watched a little Ellen before he went off to bed again. *sigh*

I got online for a bit, then watched Chuck (ugh, can’t believe it took me this long to get around to watching this.. awesome episode btw).. followed by Evangelion 1.11: You Are (Not) Alone on Blu-ray. Somehow, I liked it more than I did 1.01 on DVD. Perhaps my expectations were lowered after that viewing? All 1.11 adds is a few scenes and more enhancements. Evangelion was the first anime series I bought on DVD (and have since rebought in the individual Platinum volumes). The 2.0 preview promising “more fan service” really took me back. Too bad I’ll probably have to wait a while for an official dubbed release of it though. 😦 Odd that the Blu packaging also has the DVD logo. Silly FUNi. :p

I got onto PlayStation Home for a little while, but once I froze again (argh).. I moved on to Heavy Rain (seven more trophies, woohoo.. so close to starting a new playthrough now.. only one more trophy to go I think).. then downloaded and played the Bejeweled 2 Demo (didn’t even know there was a PSN demo, but I searched and found it.. been looking for an alternative to playing the game on Facebook.. this is quite a better one.. even considering buying it to get at those trophies :p).

Next, I got online to news-gather. My dad awoke during the afternoon and thought it was Saturday morning already.. and then he went back to bed. He awoke while I was online and once again thought it was morning already. *sigh* And then he just had to bring up that three people had already died at his dialysis. And with all this extra sleeping recently…

In primetime.. there wasn’t anything new on.. so we watched New Adventures of Old Christine (rofl), Gary Unmarried (lol), Human Target (another great episode.. Leonor Varela.. *drools*) and The Mentalist (sometimes my dad likes this one more than I do.. it is on CBS after all :p).

And that was about it for another day. *sigh* ..See ya..

[ ‘We Are Not Alone’ Says NASA Veteran; Recalls ET On Space Shuttle ]

[ New Plot To Force National ID By Schumer And Graham ]
[ Electronic Health Records – More Total Control ]
[ Hollie Had The Potential To Topple Government ]
[ Facebook Exposed – Dumps 10k Voices Supporting Holly Greig ]
[ Canadian Judge Stops Trial Against GW Bush On Second Day ]
[ NYC Agrees $660m 911 Deadly Dust Payout ]
[ We’re Doomed And Washington Can’t Do Anything About It ]
[ The March To Bankruptcy – Only A Matter Of Time ]
[ US Taxpayers On Hook For $5 Trillion Mtge Debts ]
[ 42% US Workers Have Less Than $10k Saved ]
[ Treasury To Take SS From Elderly For Unpaid Loans ]
[ US Dept Of Education Urgently Buys Shotguns ]
[ Low Reactor In Swine Pandemic ]
[ Widespread G158E Low Reactors In US ]
[ Climategate – The Silence Has Been Deafening ]
[ Chile Quake Moved Entire City 10 Feet West ]
[ Mystery Grows As 75 Starlings Fall Out Of Sky ]
[ Doomsday Seed Vault Hits 1/2 Million Mark ]
[ Meteorites May Have Started Life On Earth ]
[ Test That Can Detect Aspartame In Food Soon ]
[ Hour Of Sun A Week Cut Diabetes Risk ]
[ NY Chefs Rage Over Proposed Restaurant Salt Ban ]
[ School Cancels Prom Over Fear Of Lesbians ]
[ Doomsday Man Raped 5 Daughters To Save Bloodline ]
[ UT Rep Leader Naked In Hot Tub With 15 Yr Old Girl ]


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