nick 2010 upfront dbz voltron tmnt / today

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Nickelodeon held their 2010-2011 season upfront presentation today and revealed what new series will be hitting the networks later this year. Coming to Nick will be Kung Fu Panda: The Series (ha).. Meanwhile, Nicktoons has set a May 2010 premiere for FUNimation’s English dub of Dragon Ball Z Kai (just had to shoehorn that recognizable “Z” in there, didn’t they? Argh). Also coming to the network is Voltron Panthera Force and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) (heh.. just couldn’t wait until their upcoming live-action movie and CG TV series I guess). πŸ™‚

I awoke in the morning and got online to finish up the previous entry, then I got onto PlayStation Home a bit before my dad and I watched some morning TV. But soon, we headed out to the grocery store for some things.. but we eventually returned home and.. back to PlayStation Home. the new version has improved a lot of the long loading times. πŸ™‚ lol @ the new flamingo on-the-head hat. If it weren’t 99 cents, I might have gotten it. :p

My dad went off to another grocery store, then returned. And then we had to return to the hospital for another leg rewrapping. Only this time, they gave me temporary things to put on my legs instead.. ones that I could take off and clean.. if I want to. Pretty neat.. We returned home and I watched Eureka Seven: Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers on DVD. I really liked this movie. Probably the best one so far in this week.. of animated movies. It uses footage from the anime series, but makes a completely alternate universe version of the series story. So that was rather cool. It’s available on Blu too, but I got it on DVD since I have all the series’ volumes on DVD. :p

I returned to PlayStation Home for a little while, then we had some supper and I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Community (wow @ that switch scene.. that surprised me.. lol), Parks & Recreation (lol), The Office (lol.. MEGADESK :p), 30 Rock (lol) and The Marriage Ref (rofl, easily the funniest episode yet.. Larry David, Madonna & Ricky Gervais.. wow).

Aaand that was pretty much it.. See ya.


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