playstation home 1.35.. oh and move too? / yesterday + today

The PlayStation Home core client will be updated to version 1.35 tomorrow (Thursday) and will feature a lot of additions and updates. Among the biggest news would be that the loading times should be a lot shorter. Finally.. The EU PS Blog has a couple shots of the new menu that looks a lot more XMB-inspired. Nice. For a more complete list of updates, check out these patch notesBoth EU & NA versions of Home will also be getting new Final Fantasy XIII items and a personal space, and NA’s LucasArts store will get more Indiana Jones items. Ha. The Japan Home got this Final Fantasy XIII personal space for free months ago.. and now it seems it’ll have a price here. :p Ah well. Don’t care much for that game anyway… Oh, and Sony also announced their PS3 motion controller, the PlayStation Move, today. How neat is that..? 🙂

I awoke in the morning and got online. And when my dad went off on an errand.. I didn’t take over the TV for once. I stayed online instead.. He eventually returned and we watched the usual morning TV (including Ellen.. and his news). But then I took over and watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (blah),, followed by Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths on Blu-ray (great movie.. damn these short runtimes though.. they condensed the whole story almost too much this time :/ ..The Spectre was good, I hope these shorts continue).

After that, I got onto PlayStation Home.. but only until I errored out and disconnected again. Oh well. I moved on to play more random scenes from Heavy Rain (3 more trophies, yay).. UPS finally arrived with the Evangelion 1.11: You Are (Not) Alone Blu-ray. Digipak though. :/ ..We soon had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Two & A Half Men (lol), The Big Bang Theory (lol), House (haha, good episode.. plus Laura Prepon, nice) and Lost (wow, great episode this week.. I’ve missed Alex… she’s hot :p).

I tried to get started on Tuesday’s entry.. but I fell asleep again. Ugh.. I awoke the next morning and got online yet again, then decided to play some more scenes of Heavy Rain (four more trophies.. may start a second full playthrough soon, once I get the easier trophies out of the way.. want my first platinum damnit :p ).

My dad returned home from dialysis wand wasn’t feeling well right away. He seems to be getting worse and worse. They aren’t meant to stay on dialysis forever. It’s just a stalling tactic until they can get him another kidney or whatever, Otherwise, he’ll just keep getting worse and worse… We watched some Ellen, but once she once again got to preaching about her religion of vegitarianism.. and my dad went off to bed.. I shut it off.

Next, I watched Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job (being paid to make total shit television like this.. they have it made! lol), Greek (hehe, good episode).. and finally Halo Legends on Blu-ray (fell asleep for a small part during the middle.. and I didn’t seem to like it as much as I thought I would anyway.. probably because all of the other anthology movies that I’ve liked have been about series & characters that I’ve gotten into for a while.. unlike here, since Halo isn’t on PlayStation.. but that last episode was pretty good.. here’s still hoping for that live-action movie though).

And then I returned to PlayStation Home for a few hours. I finally finished my LocoIsland. Completely unlocked. Except half the LocoRoco inhabitants, since I pretty much have to pay a buck a piece to unlock them all (yes, real money). :/ ..My dad awoke and we eventually had some more fast food fried chicken for supper (really getting tired of that now).. before he went to sleep again. Argh.

But because of him returning to bed, I stayed on PlayStation Home up until about 8:30PM. Though I did watch Scrubs (lol.. yay, it’s back).. before I paused the TV and got online for a bit. But I eventually went ahead and watched The Middle (lol.. Alexa Vega as a cheerleader.. who kicks high.. nice ;p ), Modern Family (lol) and Cougar Town (lol). And then I got online to news-gather.. and.. yeah..

My dad didn’t finally wake up again until after midnight… then he went right back to bed. 😐 ..See ya.

[ US Military Trains To Clear ‘Civilian’ Homes (Kill All Inside) ]
[ National ID To Be ‘Solution’ To Illegal Workers ]
[ Obama May Ban All Americans From Fishing ]
[ GW Bush ‘Miss Me Yet?’ Billboard Stirs Anger ]
[ Finally: Bill To Get The U.S. Out Of NAFTA ]
[ Our Corrupt And Incompetent US Congress ]
[ Letter To Newsweek From Frosty Wooldridge ]
[ The ‘United States’ Is A Formal Business Corporation ]
[ Patients Medical Records Go Online Without Consent ]
[ NY Seeks Fat Tax On Sodas To Fight US Obesity ]
[ An 18% Tax On Pizza, Soda Can Cut Obesity – Researchers ]
[ Official Version Of 9/11 Is A Big Lie – Ahmadinejad ]
[ Laurel Canyon – Part 2 – James Dean & The Beatniks ]
[ Brit Establishment Conspires To Prop Up Warming Myth ]
[ Revealed – British PM Gordon Brown Is A Pedophile ]
[ Google Sets Sights On Total TV Dominance ]
[ 3D Tvs Will Be The Norm In Five Years ]
[ World’s Nature Going Extinct Faster Than Ever ]
[ Detroit To Shrink – Turn Large Areas Back To Nature ]
[ Vitamin D Triggers, Arms The Immune System ]
[ Dictyostelium Found In Morgellons Sufferers ]
[ Morgellons – A Discovery And A Proposal ]
[ Morgellons – Canaries In The Transhuman Coal Mine? ]
[ MP3: Ret USAF Col Shatters Government UFO/ET Coverup! ]
[ So What Would YOU Say To ET? ]


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