I awoke in the morning and.. pretty much stayed on PlayStation Home all morning. Later in the morning, while in my female avatar, I was invited to the new yacht personal space.. and eventually watched as a threesome occurred in its hot tub. I only watched.. since I had no idea what to do and I hadn’t cybered in many years. And watching from the outside, it did seem rather silly since the avatars could barely do anything. It was mainly just text descriptions. :p I’m no fun at all.. according to one of them while my avatar was idle anyway..

My dad eventually returned home from dialysis. I watched a bit of morning TV, but Ellen was a rerun so we didn’t see much of that. Then I took over and watched two episodes of Caprica (episodes 5 & 6.. all caught up.. the first one was better, things actually happened in it again :p), The Ricky Gervais Show (lol, better than the last one..) and Planet Hulk on Blu-ray (I must admit I never really like battle arena comic book stories due to how the story usually pauses during the fights.. and I fell asleep near the end.. oh well, Justice League is pretty likely to be better tomorrow).

And then I watched iCarly (lol @ the little girl subplot for the most part) and Big Time Rush (lol, good episode), before returning to Heavy Rain (playing the ending again to change it a bit — lol fridge — then played some random scenes to get four more trophies.. yay).. My dad pretty much slept all afternoon, but still felt bad when he awoke.. so he slept all evening too. I got online to news-gather..

And in primetime, I watched How I Met Your Mother (Jennifer Lopez, nice.. lol, good episode too), Rules of Engagement (lol), Make It Or Break It (wow, very good episode.. yum, leotard asses.. damnit, now I wants this on DVD lol :p ) and CSI Miami (even though hottie Kaylee DeFer was in it, even that didn’t keep me watching.. I briefly got online.. then I fell asleep :/ ).

And that was pretty much it. See ya.


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