Saturday 03.06.2010 — Sony Dominates In 2012

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, then had some breakfast. I watched Greek (haha, good episode) and CSI NY (eh). And after that, I.. got onto PlayStation Home for a few hours. I think I need help. I’m too addicted to it. :p Before I knew it, hours had passed. I finally shut it off by maybe 1:30PM or something.. MMPR Reversioned were both reruns this week. It’s not back for another two weeks. 😦

We then watched 2012. Woody Harrelson’s performance was pretty good, but he wasn’t in the movie all that long. And after that, the movie just get less and less interesting to me as it went along. 😦 The special effects were rather cool, as were the conspiracy and cover-up elements.. But the plot. Eh.. Plus there was a whole lot of Sony product poacement. Three PSPs and a bunch of VAIOs. :p ..My dad went to get some fast food for fast food for supper again. I think he does that too often, but oh well.

I snuck back onto PlayStation Home briefly while he was gone, then we eventually had supper and he saw his news. I got online.. and once again pretty much stayed online all night once again. Ugh. The bedroom DVR is really Starting to fill up now. I MUST watch something tomorrow. Damn. 😐

Well.. see ya..?

[ A Guide To The 911 Whistleblowers ]
[ 9-11 Attacks And Cloning Are Top Yahoo Searches ]
[ ‘9/11 Conspiracy Theorist’ Killed By Guards At Pentagon ]
[ Pentagon Shooter Had History Of Mental Illness ]
[ Pentagon Shooting ‘Oddities’ ]
[ Secret White House 13.5 Million Acre Land Grab ]
[ US Public Will Pay Obama’s $90 Billion Bank Levy ]
[ Indonesian Students Throw Shoes At Pics Of Obama ]
[ Video: Heroic Physician Fired By Hospital For Telling Truth ]
[ Vaccines Making Our Dogs Sick As Vets Cash In ]
[ Chile Cans Oceanography Chief Over No Tsunami Warning ]
[ Global Warming Is A Religion Says Institute Of Physics ]
[ Warmists Panic, Deranged Hate As Their ‘Science’ Collapses ]
[ Head Of ‘Climategate’ Sent Emails To Hide Data ]
[ Climate Unit Hid Data Because It Was ‘Standard Practice’ ]
[ Upper Midwest Braces For Severe Spring Floods ]
[ Catatumbo – Venezuela’s Vanishing Lightning ]
[ SpyChips In UK Trash Bins – Pay As You Throw Tax! ]
[ Parents Rage As 7 Year Olds Shown Graphic Sex At School ]
[ Teen Boys Watch Hours Of Porn, Treat Girls As Sex Objects ]
[ Girl Dies As Parents Raise Virtual Child In Online Game ]


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