tee oh dee aye why ..night? -_-

So I awoke for the second time at about 4AM. My dad had woken up and was getting ready for dialysis. I let him watch his news and I got online. He eventually left, then few hours later.. I watched the final five episodes of Power Rangers.. Wild Force. But it really was the final episodes in some ways. And due to that, I just couldn’t help but get emotional all over again during the finale, “The End of the Power Rangers” Parts 1 & 2. In case you don’t know, this is the season during which Disney took over the show. Being Disney, they fired pretty much everyone and moved production from Los Angeles to the much cheaper New Zealand. The series was never the same again. 😦 ..After the episodes, I also rewatched the MMPR Productions wrap reel again. *sigh*

After all that, I returned to my room and got online once again. My dad soon returned from dialysis and had some work to do on the phone, so he went straight to his room for a while. So we didn’t watch the morning TV until a bit later on.. I checked out PlayStation Home for a bit (must have all Irem Beach rewards, gimmegimegimme), then tried out Heavy Rain Chronicle One – The Taxidermist (it’s a 900MB add-on accessed via the game disc, for those wanting to know.. and the voice actor for Madison has appeared to have been changed 😦 ..I played through it, and of course got the most unfortunate of the five endings.. out of the way first :p).

I returned to PlayStation Home for a little while.. then played a few past scenes of Heavy Rain (so easy to get some of these trophies just by replaying the scenes they’re in 😉 ). We eventually had some supper, then I got online for a bit.. In primetime, we watched my next Netflix selection — All About Steve. Hehe, cute little movie. Definitely not worth a purchase, but cute nonetheless. :p ..After that, we just watched The Soup Awards.. and I fell asleep about halfway through. *yawn* :/

Well.. see ya.


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