pr rpm vol 3-4 dvd update / smallville season 10 renewal / seeker finished? / today

TVShowsOnDVD have looked into Disney’s talk of releasing Power Rangers RPM Volume 3 & Volume 4 exclusively at and have come up empty. It seems like they are not coming, folks. 😦

Better late than never. The CW has announced that their hit series Smallville has been picked up for its tenth season, which will premiere this fall. Awesome. 🙂

And now for more bad news… Legend Of The Seeker may not be renewed for a third season. 😦 I really like the show, and not just because of all the Disney era Power Rangers crew behind the camera and all the Ranger actors making cameos in front of it. :p

Right after my previous entry, I checked out some leaked Blu-ray prices for next week’s ads and saw no mention of Evangelion 1.11. I then looked up the price for it on and saw the $29.99 price. Ack. So in the end, I opted to pre-order it at Amazon for just $19.99 instead. And I threw in the Eureka Seven movie DVD Best Buy didn’t have as well (also $19.99). And since I still have a free trial of Amazon Prime in effect for the rest of the month, I get free two-day shipping on both, including release date delivery for Eva. Sweet. 🙂 I may end up canceling my Amazon pre-order for GTA IV: Episodes From Liberty City if release date delivery doesn’t pop up for it soon.. and just get it elsewhere on release date instead. Or wait until next month (about a week) if I can’t afford it by then. :p

I got onto PlayStation Home for a little while, then fell asleep.. I awoke the next morning, had some breakfast.. then soon got online. But eventually, it was time to head off to the hospital again for another leg rewrapping. We’re applying for insurance to pay for some socks.. that I’ll have to wear for the rest of my life so I don’t have to do these rewrappings anymore. But we enrolled or whatever quite a while ago and there’s still no word. And my dad’s pretty much hinting that I should pay half the $72 for them now.. even though he’s the one who takes a huge chuck of my money every month — the previously mentioned $140 for cable, as well as a $186 monthly check that he takes even though it’s in my name. :/

We eventually returned home and watched Ellen, then I watched Make It Or Break It (should have watched it more than I did.. the parts I watched were very good.. getting closer and closer to a DVD purchase, methinks) and five more episodes of Power Rangers Wild Force (conclusion of the Kite saga.. and the epic-but-WAY-too-short “Forever Red”.. think it was at least going to be a two-parter before Tzachor intervened 😦 five up for tomorrow). After that, I checked out PlayStation Home (Irem Beach! Yay! *puts on the new tiny swimsuit.. for male avatars.. and still get complaints from my dad, though not as much as when my avatar’s a female.. he thinks I may be gay.. because I enjoy staring at a female avatar in a tiny bikini? doesn’t make sense).

In primetime, we watched Community (lol– BAGGLE!), Parks & Recreation (lol), The Office (lol, very good two-parter) and The Marriage Ref (heh). My dad watched the news after that and went to bed, then I returned to PlayStation Home. Every 15-20 minutes, you can collect underwater treasure at Irem Beach. It’s sweet. 🙂 But I ended up falling asleep.. a couple times. :p

Well.. see ya.

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[ CA Man Gets Eight Years For Stealing Cheese ]



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