Clock-blocked by the ApocalyPS3!!1, today

I awoke at about 2:30AM and got online to finish up that previous entry. Then I heard about what was going on with PSN and tried to connect. No luck there of course. Instead, I watched last night’s Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job (haha @ parodying due to all those who say their show sucks.. even though they are right.. no idea why I still watch >_> ). My dad soon awoke somewhere before 4AM and got ready to head off to dialysis. I soon fell asleep.

I awoke at around 8AM and got online for a bit again. And then I watched five more episodes of Power Rangers Wild Force (haha @ “Sing Song”.. “Wings of Animaria” was great, as was “Reinforcements From The Future”.. of course :p ..ooh, “Master’s Last Stand” up first tomorrow, sweet 🙂 ). As soon as I turned on my PS3 to watch these on data DVD, I noticed that my clock has been reset to 12/31/1999, and so I had to set it back manually. It must’ve happened when I tried logging in to PSN. Ugh. -_-

I got back online once again. And then my dad soon returned home from dialysis. We watched some morning TV, then the mail eventually arrived. As soon as he got that check, we were gone. He headed to the bank to cash it, and then we went out to eat for lunch.. We returned home and watched The Soup (lol.. yeah, forgot all about it.. all week). And then my dad went to bed. He was feeling weak again post-dialysis after all. And with PSN still offline.. I could really only do one thing: watch more TV. So I watched the latest two episodes of Legend of the Seeker (wow, good episodes.. especially the latter, lol).

After all that, it was time to get online to news-gather… And during that was when GMT switched over to March 2nd and the “ApocalyPS3” fixed itself. Heh. :p ..In primetime, we watched How I Met Your Mother (lol.. plus nice job, Carrie Underwood 🙂 ), Rules of Engagement (I prefer this show very slightly over Accidentally On Purpose.. so yay?), Two & A Half Men (lol, good episode), The Big Bang Theory (lol, also very good) and CSI Miami (yeah, didn’t really pay 100% attention to it.. it was the first one my dad watched all the way through in quite a while though).

And soo.. that was about it? See ya.

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