Sunday 02.28.2010 —

I awoke rather early in the morning and.. began playing Heavy Rain. I didn’t go to where I left off though. This time, I played some past chapters in order to get more trophies. There’s a few choices you can make in the game that will give you a trophy no matter which choice you make.. so I played one of those scenes twice and got both trophies. Bwahaha. But that was after I checked out Madison’s shower scene that I had somehow passed up on my first playthough of the scene. *ahem*

And then I watched Big Time Rush (lol, good episode).. before I fell asleep.. A few hours later, I awoke and got back on PlayStation Home for a bit (LocoIsland chores.. yay, got the 3rd floor hut in the treehouse šŸ™‚ ). And then I watched The Sarah Silverman Program (lol, weird.. as usual.. fell asleep twice trying to watch this episode before :p), Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (another good episode.. still liking the original better so far though) and Greek (yup, took me this long to get to it.. cute very late Valentines episode that they probably could have aired a few weeks early without any messing up of the series’ plots.. hm).

After that, it was nearing the time for my dad’s NASCAR race. And so I got online while he.. fell asleep.. I stayed online pretty much all afternoon, doing work that needed to be done a long time ago or didn’t need to be done for a long time. :p Should’ve made more time for the bedroom DVR. Damnit. šŸ˜¦

We had some supper, then it eventually reached primetime… We then watched two episodes of Til Death (lol.. they recast their daughter again?! this must be like the fourth time now! lol), Funniest Videos (haha, sbeen awhile) and Desperate Housewives (haha, another very good episode). After that, I got online.. then fell asleep waiting for a disc to burn. :/

Well, see ya.

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