ghostwriter on dvd! / yesterday and today.. it’s a two-fer!

I was totally never expecting this.. but here it is! Shout! Factory has acquired the popular 90s PBS series Ghostwriter. And according to Amazon, they will release Ghostwriter – Season 1 as a 5-disc, 870min DVD set on June 8th. Cooool. This was the series that first got me into writing. I’ve slowly been rewatching the series one multi-episode story at a time on data DVD (VHS rips, and one YouTube rip.. the torrent was incomplete 😦 ), but I’m sure the official DVDs will look a lot better. I might just pause on watching my data DVDs and pick this up instead.. Perfect cover art btw. 😉

I awoke in the morning and.. convinced my dad to let me get on PlayStation Home for a bit. I turned it off and soon fell asleep.. My dad awoke me to tell me it was nearing the time to go to the hospital again, and so we got ready and soon headed out. The main chick there is pretty hot. I’m going to miss seeing her every week. 😦 ..We eventually returned home and watched Ellen. And then I returned to PlayStation Home (I’ve noticed over the last week I’ve only been visiting the LocoRoco spaces.. I really want my island fully upgraded. :p).

After that, I had almost forgotten about this but managed to fit in five more episodes of Power Rangers Wild Force anyway (more good episodes.. the the start of the Zen-Aku saga! yay). I also fit in some time on Heavy Rain (and I end up with two of the four main characters dead.. so far.. wow, I suck :p). We had some supper, then I got online.

In primetime, there was again nothing on. Ugh. And my dad made sure to watch the most boring crap he could find. He eventually gave up and chose to go to bed early though. I took over and watched The Tester (first episode.. and probably my last episode.. reality shows suck after all, especially the ones that insist on using stupid nicknames for their contestants rather than their real names.. ugh), then got on PlayStation Home again for a while. Pickory collecting be fun. You can do it every 12 hours. And now I have a farm to water in my personal space everyday now too. lol. :p

I tried watching something else after that.. but fell asleep.. 😦 ..I awoke the next morning and pretty much immediately began watching five more episodes of Power Rangers Wild Force (awesome episodes today, since it included most of the Zen-Aku saga 🙂 ). I got on PlayStation Home for a little while once again, then my dad returned home and we watched some morning TV (including Ellen).

The mail arrived and I got a surprising package. Quite a lot of cool stuff in it, especially the Power Rangers magazines. I have some but I don’t think they include these. Thanks so much! 🙂 ..Next, I played some more hours of Heavy Rain. The story where half the main characters died ended rather unfortunate for everyone.. then I went back and began playing from the point that it all went wrong and saved them. Yay. This is definitely a cool game. I finally got to the infamous stripping scene, accidentally ended it prematurely.. and got a trophy for it. Cool! And later I went back to play it all the way through. >_>

I got onto PlayStation Home yet again, though very briefly, then we had some supper.. I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Smallville (wow, pretty good episode.. *ugh @ the promo saying next new episode is April 2nd* Argh.. as well.. :p). My dad eventually went to bed early again. And I watched American Dad (lol, finally got around to Sunday’s episode), Blue Mountain State (lol, nice.. and this one’s renewed for Season 2, cool 🙂 ), The Secret Life of the American Teenager (omg, its the first few episodes all over again.. something that must be seen to be believed happens off-screen and the characters spend the whole episode talking about it, aiyaiyai) and Make It or Break It (wow, quick recovery.. good episode though).

Annd.. that was about it for the night. Bubye now…

[ UN Documents Reveal Plan For ‘Green World Order’ By 2012 ]


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