Back to normal? …I awoke in the morning and got onto PlayStation Home for a little while, then soon watched the first five episodes of Power Rangers Wild Force (yup, starting another season on data DVD.. still unsure if I want to continue on data DVD or begin ordering the UK DVD sets since Ninja Storm is next, hmm). And then I returned to PlayStation Home for a little while.

Next, I began watching some morning TV. My dad returned home from dialysis and we watched it together. He eventually went to bed and I returned to PlayStation Home though. I’ve rarely visited any spaces but the two Locoroco spaces (public & private.. gimme more pickories!) and that new MotorStorm space. I should return to MotorStorm next time and give those arcade games a try. 🙂 ..I then moved on to Heavy Rain and played it for quite a few hours. Very good game. Six more trophies.. and I’m really enjoying it as well. I’m trying to play it only when I’m wide awake. Don’t want to fall asleep during it or miss something with my sleepy eyes. :p

Shortly after 6PM, I shut off the PS3 and got online to news-gather. We also eventually had some supper. We’re nearly broke for the month again. And no new money comes in until at least Monday. 😦 ..My dad chose to watch the sitcom reruns tonight, so I got nothing watched tonight. I did some of them, but I mostly just stayed online for the majority of the night.

*shrug* Well.. see ya..

[ Drockton – L3 Communications’ Ties To Terror And The Illuminati ]
[ Ron Paul Victory Panics The Left And The Right ]
[ 50% Of US Blames Obama For Loss Of Rights ]
[ Makow – Why Patriotic Americans Could Resort To ‘Extremism’ ]
[ Video: Chossudovsky – US Will Start WWIII by Attacking Iran ]
[ Goldman Sachs Takes Inside Track On Gold For WW3 ]
[ Rare Books To Be Stored Down In UK Mines (hmm…) ]
[ WHO Warns Swine Flu Pandemic Not Over ]
[ Just Ignore Massive Climate Fraud Says UN Chief Moon ]
[ Sharp Declines In Public Belief In Climate Threat ]
[ Feds Deliberately Poisoned Alcohol To Stop Drinking – 1926 ]
[ Too Much Of A Bad Thing – Kids Addicted To Porn ]
[ New Floating Garbage Patch Found In Atlantic ]
[ The Anzus Treaty And Pine Gap, Australia ]


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