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On Monday, not all that much happened really. I got on PlayStation Home late the night before.. then fell asleep.. then awoke later and got on it again. And I didn’t get off until after 8PM. A PSN friend that I had known quite a while wouldn’t be able to get back online for at least six months, so she got all her friends together for a going-away party of sorts. My dad returned from dialysis and then went to bed. He awoke at 5PM, then went to bed again. Then awoke around 8PM.. and then returned to bed again at around 9:30. He wasn’t feeling good at all yesterday. 😦 On Monday morning, I did watch School Gyrls though. It sucked. It felt like one huge infomercial for a new pop group.. called School Gyrls. *shudders @ the Justin Bieber fawning*

I fell asleep trying to empty the PS3 a bit more.. to fit in new stuff.. I awoke the next morning and got online for a while. After some discussion between my dad and I, we decided not to go to my leg rewrapping today. UPS was delivering my game today and the possibility of them leaving it on the doorstep for the alcoholic next door to pick up was just too much of a nightmare. UPS knocked once before and left it at the door, then that woman had to peek out just as I was out there picking it up.. then she quickly went back in. Psh. :/

While my dad watched the usual morning TV (blah), I stayed online for most of the morning. Bored. And my dad says he only gets the TV on Sunday afternoon a week. Bah.. After he saw some of his news and left on an errand, I took over and got onto PlayStation Home for a few hours while waiting for the UPS guy to show up. I was invited to a friend’s LocoIsland and got the visitors-only reward item. Yay. He also pulled off some pretty cool glitches as well. I’ve gotta try those out myself. It’s fun going where you’re not supposed to. :p

UPS finally arrived at about 4PM. I opened the package and left the game installing as.. we went to media buy (it is a 4GB install after all)…

I wanted to get back to my game ASAP, so I went into Best Buy, bought Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths on Blu-ray and got out with not much milling about like usual.. A fellow customer told me to get the version with the action figure in it at no additional cost, but I refused. I don’t like the packaging of it (the Blu-ray and toy in a box with a plastic window). If it had a bonus disc, that’d be another story. But just a toy that’ll collect dust. No thanks. I already passed on all the past action figures they had with these movies as well.

After I got my icee (of course), we returned home and I got to playing Heavy Rain.. for about 2 hours. It’s all the time I had left to play it. But I quite enjoyed it. Very interesting start (with two trophies!). I hope I can play it a lot more tomorrow. 🙂 ..We had some supper, then I returned to my room (with my forgotten icee that was now almost completely liquid) and got online to inventory discs and news-gather.. for what little time I had to do it in.

In primetime, there wasn’t really much to watch.. again. We tuned it to the Olympics for a while, but were disappointed and lost interest once realizing the moments of female figure skating were so few and far between. Argh.. I watched the new episode of Lost (wow, another really good episode.. I see that the Australian Woman is now the new French Woman.. neat.. but is it wrong I thought Emilie de Ravin looked rather hot all rough and crazy like that? :p, maybe it’s just because I haven’t seen her in so long) before my dad went to bed. And I followed that with last night’s new Life Unexpected (really cute show.. I like it 🙂 ) before returning to my room for the night.

I.. felt that I actually tried with the writing of this journal entry for the first time in quite a while. Too bad no one will read it. Ah well.. See ya.

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