pr to return in 2012? / lovely bones dvd blu date / today

CollectionDX headed to New York Toy Fair and reported back on Bandai’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2010 toy line. Pretty neat. But the most interesting bit came at the very end of the article. “When talking to the Bandai reps about the future line, they said that the plan is to move back to the Japanese series, starting with Shinkenger, probably in 2012.” Hmm, very interesting indeed…

The Lovely Bones will be released onto 1-disc DVD and 2-disc Blu-ray on April 20th. Check out that cover art. I downloaded and watched it illegally, but I cannot wait to pick up a Blu-ray copy of this one (on release date, of course). 🙂

So after the last entry, I got on PlayStation Home.. and eventually fell asleep.. I awoke the next morning and returned to PlayStation Home. LocoIsland is pretty fun. I’m actually spending more time in a personal space that I used to.. My dad returned home from dialysis and we eventually watched some morning TV.. and then I returned to PlayStation Home and hung out with some friends there. All afternoon.

We had some supper, then near the end of my time on Home.. it began acting up. I kept getting a lot of disconnects and errors. Ugh. One of my Home friends had this happen to her and she left Home for months before it began working again.. After much worrying, I eventually got my PC back online for the first time since last night.

In primetime, my dad and I watched Smallville (hahaha, very good episode.. great ending.. next week looks even better 🙂 ). Then I watched The Sarah Silverman Program (lol, more crazy.. neat message though) as he went off to bed again.. Then I chose to get online and finish up this entry early.

Heh. So.. see ya..

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