avatar dvd & blu date / fox finale dates / today

In an interview with director James Cameron, he revealed to The Wall Street Journal that Avatar will hit DVD & Blu-ray shelves on Thursday April 22nd (aka Earth Day :p), then will see a “value added” DVD and 3D Blu-ray sometime around November. Awesome. As I said.. probably buying it more than once. Great movie. 🙂

FOX has revealed season finale dates for quite a few of its hit series.. Human Target concludes its first season on May 5th, House wraps its season on May 17th, Bones & Fringe both end on May 20th, and Glee doesn’t reach the end of its freshman season until June 8th. Wow. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and got online to finish up the previous entry (of course). Then we watched some boring morning TV.. before I took over and got onto PlayStation Home (I spent way too much today.. $5 Stormtrooper uniform, $5 Lightsaber, $3 Androids vs Aliens bundle.. ack.. the androids look just like Silver Surfer, so that’s rather cool.. may actually like them more then the aliens I was so looking forward to.. yes, $5 just to put a blue lightsaber in your avatar’s hand.. crazy.. looks rather good with my villain avatar though :p).

But I wasn’t able to stay on it long. I wanted to go to the grocery store.. and my dad said he was going right now. Argh. So I had to come along.. and I spent too much on groceries too. Hooray. We went to two grocery stores actually since one didn’t have some things that the other did and vice versa.. Now I’ll be broke by next Tuesday.. luckily its the last one of the month. >_>

We returned home and eventually watched Ellen, mainly only because of the insanely long “downloading” screens from.. buying LocoIsland and an associated item on PlayStation Home. Loco Island is very interactive (and is probably the most expensive personal space so far — $6.99) Wow. Collect nuts around your island personal space and exchange them for rickori or whatever (currency), then unlock cool items for your island with the more rickori you have (you can also collect rickori in the LocoRoco public space). I’ve only unlocked the swing so far.. and a cannon to shoot me to the top of the tree slide.. by buying a 99-cent vase. Then I hear you can unlock it later without spending money. D’oh.. There’s also a jukebox, chair and hammock to unlock. Yes, for once your avatar can actually lay down. Surprising. :p

We had some supper, then my dad bugged me to shut off the PS3 for his news.. so I did.. I got online to news-gather. In primetime, we watched Human Target (another very good episode.. pleeeeease bring this one back, FOX) and Blue Mountain State (lol, another crazy episode). My dad wasn’t feeling too well so he went to bed early. And then I watched five more episodes of Naruto Uncut: Season 1 Vol 2 (really didn’t have time for these earlier.. so I’m glad I found that time.. very good episodes 🙂 ). And then.. room.

I want to get back on Home ASAP, so no bottom links again today… See ya! *runs off*


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